Dark circles under your eyes?

Dark circles under your eyes, pale inner eyelids, tiredness…? Could be a major sign of a toxic body. I remember once upon a time people always used to say to me, gosh your eyes are very black looking aren’t they? I permanently had two dark rims under my eyes; they never seemed to go away no matter how much I slept. I felt extremely tired too even though I used to sleep quite well. A few late nights will give you tired, sleepy, blood shot looking eyes but a constant dark rim is more often than not toxicity.

Toxicity is usually from food intolerances or parasites. Poor diets high in fats, salts and sugars will deplete the body of vital nutrients. A good variety of foods everyday is so important for a well balanced healthy body. Severe or long term stress takes it toll on the body especially the immune system and detox pathways of liver/bile and bowel movements and kidneys in the form of urine.When the body is stressed the tensed up organs and muscles find it very difficult do to their job. The result can be frequent kidney or urinary tract infections, cranberry juice is good for this but always dilute it as many juices are made from concentrates and have added sweeteners or sugar. Dandelion tea is great at boosting the kidneys to detox as well of course as reducing caffeine intake in all its forms…tea, coffee, coke fizzy drinks. Increase water intake. This is something you must put into practice everyday.

The adrenal glands also sit on top of the kidneys which control the output of adrenaline and nor- adrenaline to control stress within the body. When these become overworked they become exhausted which further puts strain on the kidneys. Your kidneys are located left and right in mid back region. If you place your hands just above your waistline you will feel your kidneys. If you have back pain in this area it may due to dehydration or overly stressed kidneys and adrenal glands.

Sometimes puffiness, fluid retention and darkness around the eyes can be an indication of poor kidney detoxification or onset of diabetes. Always have this checked with your doctor to rule out anything more serious.

The main foods that nourish the functioning of the kidneys are celery, parsley, onions, beetroot, ginger, water chestnuts, sesame seeds, barley, quinoa grain, kidney beans, aduki beans, water, garlic, raspberries, blackberries,

If you have dark circles under your eyes it is best to get it checked out now. The longer you leave it the longer the body has to struggle to cope and the more run down, stressed out and depleted the entire body becomes. Kinesiology testing can determine if you have food intolerances or other sensitivities to chemicals etc or have toxins in the body like parasites, viruses, nasty bacteria. I treat the body to reduce and eliminate stress, re-balance the nutritional state of the body, boost blood and lymph flow to related muscles and more to maintain a healthy mind and body.