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I grew up in the countryside amidst beautiful green fields with my three fun loving brothers, in Co, Kildare where all kinds of home-grown food were all my family knew…

The make-up of food, its origins, taste, colours etc always intrigued me therefore I went on to study food science and technology and spent over fourteen years managing food safety and quality in the food industry.

I always loved food and when I began having reactions to everything I ate I was very confused and was told by everyone to avoid them all. I couldn’t, there was simply nothing left to eat… I was totally miserable and despite it all I didn’t actually feel any better.

As a young child I seemed to have one chest infection after the other and countless antibiotics to go along with them…roll on into my teens and another list of symptoms appeared… constant runny nose/nasal drip, stuffed up sinuses, severe migraines with every possible aspect of them thrown in each time for good measure (nausea, vomiting, sore head, blurred vision/vision loss, noise/light sensitivity, paralysis, numbness, tingling… you name it I had it!), debilitating tiredness, food sensitivities, irritable bowel, back problems, sleep problems, stress and so much more.

Of course I went down the conventional medical route first, not at all thinking they wouldn’t be able to find a solution. I was utterly devastated and downright frustrated ( and still sick of course) when I was told repeatedly “We cannot find anything wrong with you”, “There is nothing wrong with you” In one way of course I was very thankful there was nothing serious wrong with me yet why was I feeling so bad?

I felt so utterly alone with no answers. I could not understand how medically I could have every test done under the sun and yet nothing showed despite all the health problems I had. I literally did not know where else to turn…

Then what appeared completely out of the blue and by chance… I saw Dr Gillian McKeith on the Late Late chat show, Instantly I knew she could help…The following day I went to meet her at a health show in Dublin. Within minutes she immediately pointed me in the right direction of ways to start healing my own body… while at the show I also came across Systematic Kinesiology. I was suffering from the long list of symptoms they said they could help with and I knew with every ounce of my being that “this” was my answer.

Days later I had signed up to start studying with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology in Ireland. I was still going through the mill but on every level it felt so “RIGHT” The teachings and the practices made so much sense to me and to this day I am still as gobsmacked as ever as to the complete denial of the medical system of the connection of everything in the body and how the simple things which are needed to heal the body are completely overlooked.

Today I am migraine free, can eat what I want when I want, have energy like I never had before. I really never thought this joy and freedom existed until I experienced first-hand the healing power of my own body and healing the true cause behind the symptoms.

I am so thankful now I went through all I did as it was the best thing ever and has changed my life forever …being able to help other people is simply MAGIC and so fulfilling and makes every day so worth while.

It took time, lots of patience and lots of learning and bucket loads of self-love to reach where I am today…but it was worth every moment.I believe with absolute conviction that we can all help ourselves. It is perfectly natural to be healthy, well and alive. So many crawl through life day to day feeling crap and know no different. I really want you to know no matter how you feel or what is going on for you, you can feel so much better than you do right now…Yes it takes effort, and time and money and looking within and all of those things but to feel well and want to get out of bed everyday is absolutely PRICELESS!!!!! And YOU deserve it.

Once you are willing then there is always a way…I am here to help you and show you how…I believe health is our life and therefore I have called myself a health for life practitioner. In 2010 I quit my full-time food science job and have dedicated all my energy into making a difference in other people lives in my clinic where I see clients one to one.

Taking the first step and trying something new and different is always the hardest step…when you make the commitment to take that step that is when a new world can open up for you.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you and our paths meeting again sometime soon.

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Please refer to my blog which is updated weekly with articles explaining numerous common conditions which I am sure you will relate to.

Please go to my treatments page and my health and vitality coaching page to learn more about how I can help you.

I truly hope you enjoy reading the rest of my website and I hope it gives you some encouragement, enlightenment, clues and reassurance regarding your health condition.

Today I encourage you to take one small step for YOU, whether that is drink more water, get to bed early, have a nourishing meal, a laugh, make an appointment whatever…  one small step can make all the difference.

I am so often asked what is the best diet? What should I be eating? My philosophy is that THERE IS NO “ONE” PERFECT DIET FOR EVERYONE. Therefore I do not advocate any particular dietary patterns such as Atkins, paleo, vegan etc There is so much conflicting information and studies out there that it very difficult to do the RIGHT thing. Therefore the main area I work with is in EDUCATION. I will work with you to help you eat a more balanced nutrient rich diet, one which supports your body and helps you to feel great!

So I advocate whole foods from mother nature as they offer what we truly need. I love healthy natural foods. They make me feel so good when I eat them, that doesn’t mean I never eat a takeaway or drink a glass of vino, of course I do, because the secret to me is all about balance. I do not count calories or live with a ‘diet’ mentality because it makes me feel miserable, diets make you focus on “ALL YOU CANNOT EAT”… instead I focus on feeling energised and satisfied with what I have prepared and eaten. Digestion of our food begins before we ever put a taste into our mouths, so it is very important that enjoying good food is a major focus.

My Loves of Life!!!


Walking, jogging, running, dancing around the kitchen, hill climbing, pilates are all ways I really enjoy getting my booty moving for that feel good factor but my absolute favourite of all is jumping for life on my rebounder, I absolutely LOVE it. It’s super for mind, body and soul!!!


A hug a day keeps the doctor away 🙂 My hubby and 7 nieces and nephews are just the best huggers ever. Did you know a daily self-hug can help you feel more positive, healthy and enriched…? You can give yourself a big hug anywhere, anytime for FREE!!! Try it… x


There is nothing from my experience more rewarding and fulfilling than spending time in the outdoors to blow all the cobwebs of stress and tiredness away. I love our garden. I love flowers for every reason imaginable. They are so colourful, each one so uniquely different ( just like us), I love their scents and how they instantly can cheer me up and connect me to life and all nature has to offer.


There is Nothing like splash of colour to help you feel better instantly. I just love the joy colour brings to my life in the garden, the clothes I wear, and my surroundings.

Writing & Journaling

Since I was a very young girl, writing and ‘colouring in’ were both a major part of my childhood. Every year for Santa, top of my list was a new colouring book and markers and I even have one of those colouring books to this day. The chunkiest colouring book I have ever seen. So when I am looking to switch off or chill out I love nothing more than grabbing my colouring book and markers and heading off outside or sitting on the sofa and getting lost in a different world. I have more journals and notebooks than I am ever going to fill, I simply love them and love journaling and reflecting upon different experiences in my life or I write to express and release stress, worry and anxiety out of my mind. An amazing healing tool, have you tried it?


Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching

Degree in Food Science and Technology
Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology with the association of Systematic Kinesiology of Ireland
Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology
Diploma in Juice Therapy
Certified First Aider
Certified “Train the trainer”
Qualified Lead Quality Auditor for the food industry
Professional Membership: Association of Systematic Kinesiology, Ireland
A lifetime of “Life” experiences and ongoing personal development

Publications: 2007 – Present

The Open Door: Weekly parish newsletter delivered to over 6000 homes for 10 years. The distribution of this magazine has sadly ceased but you can still get my articles on my blog site and by joining my newsletter.

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