This one practice can turn the most negative situation around

Here is one practice which can turn the most negative stressful situation around to give you a happier heart, healthier mind and a body filled with inner peace and calm….

Saying thanks from the bottom of your heart ….Can do more for every aspect of your health than you can even begin to imagine. Thank you. The number one thing I do above anything else every day is I give thanks. I feel so privileged by all I have, I am thankful and grateful for you my devoted family, my friends, the water I have to drink, the food I have to eat, the warm clothes I have , the wisdom , the intuition I feel, the ideas, and the ability I have to be able to make  a difference in your life.

When we give gratitude we are open to receiving more. It’s like the door is open to welcome new guests… what has this to do with your health you say? “I’m feeling so down”…I’m not thankful for that.. “I feel so anxious” I am not thankful for that… that’s ok, we all have things in our lives which we wish we didn’t have at times…however look around you and be thankful for just one thing which you do have. 

There is always someone worse off than you. When you are in a state of feeling sorry for yourself, feeling down, negative, fed up, lacking motivation and so on, it’s more difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

When you appreciate something which makes you feel good, it starts to make a big difference in your life. It will boost your mood and energy levels. There is no doubt that it’s much more difficult to give thanks for pain, tragedy, sorrow, hurts, traumas, worries and so on in our lives but when we can muster up the courage and strength to do so, things really do start to change for the better. 

It’s not about being holy or religious although you can be if you wish. It’s about appreciation, it’s about wanting to help yourself, it’s about doing everything you can to make a difference in your life, it’s about faith and it’s about belief. So when you have a quiet moment, in the shower, first thing in the morning when you awake, last thing at night, while out walking…admire the beauty of nature all around you, look at how much it gives you…food, water, fresh air, colour, scents, a place to escape to when we are really stressed etc. 

What is around you? what are you glad you have? start today and be appreciative of just one thing and each day acknowledge it. Gratitude has to come from the heart, deep within, not just a quick expression of meaningless words.

Step in and FEEL the feelings which gratitude brings into your life, feel it deep in your body, breathe it in. Write it out, do whatever you need to do to deepen the experience. When you do your spirits, mood, mindset, health, happiness…everything improves!!!

Get your day off to a blessed start by giving deep gratitude for your life today exactly as it is. Every day is a brand new opportunity to live life to the most. 

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