No matter where you are on your journey to wellness,
I’m here to support you.

“Your Health Is Your Wealth”

I work with people who:

  • Are burned out, exhausted and tired all the time
  • Have lost their drive, passion, motivation and zest for life
  • Suffer from all kinds of digestive issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS) , Heartburn/indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, cramps/pain, bloating, nausea, ongoing tension/nervous“knots” in the tummy, eating disorders (Bulimia, Anorexia Nervosa,) cravings, binges etc
  • Suffer from headaches/migraines, sinus problems, allergies, food intolerances , Jaw issues ( TMJ:Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome)
  • Struggle to lose weight despite eating healthy and exercising, ( doing all the right things yet the weight simply won’t budge) and all the stress, trauma and low self-image which goes with all of that.
  • Highly sensitive in nature, have low self-esteem, low self-confidence, poor self-worth, find it difficult to say no and are very hard on themselves…These underlying issues are the number one cause of ill- health in every area of your mind and body imaginable
  • Feel down, depressed and suffer from mood-swings and dependency/addictive like behavioural issues
  • Are anxious, suffer from panic attacks, palpitations, negative thinking, worrying all of the time and who struggle to get through their ‘normal’ day

Throughout my treatments and coaching sessions I offer you the best tools and resources to help you address and treat the root cause of your symptoms. My work is based upon my qualifications, years of training and own personal health challenges and life experiences. These tried and tested techniques have proven over the past 12.5 years to help people return to their natural state of energy, happiness and being able to live their lives to the full as they so desire.

Helping people “ Help Themselves” is my passion.

It’s why I do everyday what I do and it’s why I did not stop searching, challenging, learning and growing until I found what I believe to be the best ways to re-educate people to help heal themselves. Everything I share with you is what I used myself to turn my health and life around (read my full story here)

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Unfortunately, conventional medicine is a one size fits all model. Therefore many people like you and me are left feeling utter despair, loneliness and not knowing where else to turn…all the while still suffering and being unwell. More often than not people are left feeling the health issues they are experiencing are all in their “head” as there is no medical explanation. I know, as I have been there.

My treatments and the work I do, works because it is all about YOU. No two people are the same no matter how similar things may appear on the surface, therefore your solution has to take YOU into consideration.

Every part of your life, every thought, every action, every pill, every health symptom, your genetic makeup, your family history…etc are interconnected and intertwined into every cell of your body…Yes…every part of your body is interconnected. How can it not be? My expertise can help you to quickly find the common link and get to the root cause of your myriad of health symptoms.

So, after taking your medical history…we muscle test to see exactly what is going on “body wise” Gentle pressure is placed upon various muscles to understand more where the imbalances in your system lie… From my wealth of experience there can be so many different reasons for you feeling sluggish, low in energy, tired, nauseous/unwell, having food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, not absorbing nutrition even though you are eating healthy, blood sugar imbalances, skin conditions, weight problems, sinus/allergy issues, pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, sleep problems and so on.

The cause can be due to one or more of the
following imbalances and stressors:

Physical Stressors: lack of exercise and the opposite extremes of overtraining, structural imbalances e.g pelvis or jaw misalignment, disc, bone, muscle, limb impairments or damage from birth, accidents, surgeries etc

Digestive Stressors: Bacterial/fungal or parasitic overgrowth, food sensitivities,poor digestive habits, overeating etc

Chemical Stressors: Smoking, air pollution, pesticides, heavy metal contamination, toxic cleaning
products /toxic personal care products

Nutritional Stressors: Poor food quality, processing aids, alcohol, imbalanced macronutrients ( protein,
carbohydrates, fats) and lack of trace minerals and vitamins ( micro-nutrients)

Lifestyle/Emotional Stressors: lacking a purpose in life, low self-esteem/self-worth, low self-confidence, career/job/Financial worries, poor relationships, past traumas…bullying, abuse, victimisation etc

The best news is, you can get help. My overall approach is helping you to feel encouraged, empowered and enlightened. Many people have said to me that I have given them a new sense of “Hope” and hope is what we need in order to move forwards. Hope and sep-belief are two very important nutrients missing when you cannot get to the root of your health problem.

Benefits of Health For Life Natural Treatments and Working With Me:

  • Feeling free from the burdens of stress by learning how to relax, recognising what your triggers are and how to manage them…
  • Experiencing Peace of Mind, calm within and the power of self-love
  • Confidence to go about your day feeling healthy, well and happy. ( What more can you ask for?)
  • Renewed passion and zest for life, freedom from pain, tension, anxiety and sleeplessness,
  • The ability to enjoy what you eat with the knowledge of making healthier food choices which suit your body and having energy after eating instead of feeling tired, bloated, sluggish or pain.
  • The joy of reconnecting with yourself and the confidence it brings in listening and trusting your own body.

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Read the successes other people with chronic health issues have had here:

  • After three sessions of working with Gertrude I feel I have my life back. I went to Gertrude with a very bad head issue, their was no medical name for it other than tinnitus but it was so much more…For about three years it felt like there was a train running through my head. The noise went and I can sleep now without even thinking of it. I feel like a young one again, I used to hate getting out of bed as getting through the day with normal tasks was such a struggle. Now I love getting out of bed and just getting on with my day.I cannot explain all the good it has done for me. Thank you so much

    – Muireann –

  • Gertrude’s depth of knowledge and experience was utterly invaluable and central to my son’s recovery from Chronic Fatigue. This, together with her kindness, understanding and optimism supported us through a difficult journey back to full health.  We are deeply grateful to her.

    – Eveyln –

How I Work

Educating you so you can take responsibility for your own health and wellness

I explain as fully as I can in language which makes sense to you so you understand what the underlying issue is and more importantly what we can do together to help you move forward into a happier healthier place. I will give you written guidance and self-help notes following your treatment so you know exactly what steps you have to follow to help get you back on track and feeling good again. I have experienced first hand and with my clients too how the tiniest of changes can make massive long lasting impacts… they are so small we in fact see them as irrelevant at first.

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Nutritional Supplements

Your body may need support to heal and get well again by taking a boost of nutritional supplements. This will be decided based on your symptoms, your dietary intake of certain nutrients etc The quality of the supplements provided are reflected in their price. They are of stronger concentrations and quality which far exceeds much of what you can purchase in the general market.


We will go through your diet and see where improvements can be made (if necessary), I will share with your my passions for ‘real’ food and give you recipes (when relevant) etc so you too can feel the wonderful healing power of whole foods. My motto is to help you eat, digest and metabolise your food in a normal healthy way, and its about getting your digestive system functioning at its optimum to support these processes… it is not about taking you off long lists of foods , where you feel even more miserable. Trust me I have been there and avoiding one food after the other is never the longterm answer.

Learn How to Chill Out and Relax

Throughout your treatment you have the opportunity to chill out and relax to soothing healing music, (which is also available for you to buy here) while we carry out relaxation techniques and help reset your para-sympathetic nervous system. As soon as you lie on my plinth you will be greeted with a beautiful “Relax” Sign on the ceiling above you…It always gets a smile back in return ! 🙂

During your treatment we may also work on emotional blocks/past traumas if it is relevant for you. You do not have to talk about anything you do not have to, that’s what people love, we can work on the problem without you having to verbalise if you are unable to do so.This way your privacy is always maintained.

The above are just a few areas we work on to help you regain your health and vitality.
There really is so much more which you can find out in person should you decide to work with me.
As I said already the treatments and coaching sessions are individual to you so no two treatments are ever the same.

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There are lots of soothing self-nurturing goodies for you to purchase

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