Comfort v’s Your life’s Desire x

This week let’s have a quick look at the meaning of “COMFORT”!!!

Here is the definition of the word Comfort….

a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.
“there is room for four people to travel in comfort”

the easing or alleviation of a person’s feelings of grief or distress.
“a few words of comfort” consolation solace condolence sympathy

a warm quilt.

What does “comfort” actually mean for you?

Many people turn to foods, drink, drugs, cigarettes and all sorts of outwardly things in order to get a sense of that comfort.I see this pattern over and over again. Here is the thing…if you value COMFORT over everything else, nothing in your life will ever change.

Example: you set a goal to lose weight or to go walking every evening after work, all is going brilliant, you put your mind to it and your spirits are high, energy is flowing, will power is fabulous….but THEN something changes…the weather turns, you get stuck in traffic, your little one gets sick, your a little tired etc and you then reach for your emotional comfort blanket ( Vegging on the sofa, glass of wine in hand, pjs and fluffy socks come out) … You get the idea… The comfort blanket is different for everyone of course but the pattern is the same….you chose comfort over your desired results, goals or achievements.

At times there is absolute nothing like that comfort blanket, it’s so deserved. It should absolutely be enjoyed for what it is…The problem is it becomes a self-destructive self-sabotaging negative pattern where every opportunity you get you VALUE YOUR COMFORT over taking risks, making changes, saying, no, taking the required consistent action etc etc

Then you wonder why and complain as to why you can’t change or reach your goal. you beat yourself up, put yourself down and basically feel like shit!!!

The pattern will never change until you let go of your NEED for the comfort blanket. 

How do you change it??

  • Acknowledge your pattern …write it down…rip it up and let it go.
  • Get clear as best you can as to why you want the comfort in the first place, what are you really looking for underneath? a hug, recognition, acceptance, to feel safe, loved, secure etc?
  • Work through these feelings and you will find you will NEED the emotional comfort blanket less and less
  • The get clear about what it is you wan tot achieve/change and WHY? What’s going to be the end result and why does that matter to you?
  • Visualise the end result in your mind and the way it makes you feel…see it entering your heart, place your hands over your heart and breath life into it, add you favourite sound, scent, colour etc and MAKE IT COME ALIVE!!!
  • Every day or several times a day as needed… step into the feeling you have in your heart….let this become your burning desire and the sis how you keep your eyes on the prize.
  • The acknowledge and celebrate EVERY LITTLE STEP. The reward here must not be the same as what brings you comfort otherwise you are just stepping right back into the old pattern.

This weeks Quote:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

Life Blossomers!

You have much more in-depth go to’s for dealing with comfort. The whole programme is based on you creating the life you want but here are a few specific steps based on the above article today…

Step 13: TOP healthy lifestyle…perfect day, your goal and your why’s

Step 18: Raising self-esteem by getting to know yourself better cravings and desires.

Step 67: Everything you need to know about goal setting

Step 68: 4 Key goal setting and manifestation pointers.

There are lots more but that’s plenty fr you to refer to for now x

Have a wonderful week,

Grab you pen and paper and your brave courageous self and let go of your need for your comfort blanket and go after what it is you want!

You can do it,


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Gertrude x