Healthy Life Policies…

Gertrude’s Healthy Life Policies.

Most people crave peace , calm , serenity, happiness and a sense of balance and strength in their lives. Change as we all know can have the opposite effect of turning everything upside down and inside out…

Not all change is bad though and there is always a learning lesson in there somewhere. Many have found this covid experience life changing for the better, many others are dreading the getting back to some sort of normality, while the rest are carving a change of their bad habits which have been picked up or reinforced during this time such as poor bedtime and rising routines, little or no exercise, binging on sweets, chocolate, alcohol, processed foods and all of that…

Below I have listed my healthy Life Policies to help you adapt to change and for you to make small but conscious healthy changes in your life to help you create more of what you actually want.

9 steps to help you manage and implement long lasting change to create more of the good life you want and deserve…

  1. Decide upon a maximum of three things/areas you want to change in your life. The more you take on the more excuses you will find for not doing them or taking the necessary action. Overwhelm stops a lot of people from moving forward. Example of three areas could be a. drink more water, b. buy a trampoline c. skin brush regularly.
  2. Commit to the changes you have decided upon. Write down exactly what are you changing and the benefits they will bring to you. Focus on the great feeling you want to feel by making the changes.Read what you have written daily and focus on it. When completed, add others to the list and repeat the same exercise. 
  3. Take it one day at a time. If today didn’t go so well, focus on the good bits, learn from the things which didn’t go so well and recommit to a brand new beginning, a brand new day of opportunities tomorrow. Let it go and do not beat yourself up over it.
  4. Encourage yourself and praise yourself as you accomplish your goals and areas of change. This will boost your self-confidence and it is also a great motivator.
  5. Always give your best, no matter what it is. When you know you have given your best, THAT IS ENOUGH. Be satisfied. Your best is all you can give.
  6. Always appreciate where you are at right now no matter what it feels like Give thanks for your healthy mind, body and spirit. 
  7. Make time for yourself every day. No matter how little time you have. Every step, every action is another positive step forward and every little step you take gets you closer to making massive long term changes. 
  8. Always be true to yourself. It is only by living in the truth will you be really free to be happy and healthy. 
  9. Believe in Easy. You are worthy of an easy life and of things being Easier. 

Here is how I can help you further…

  1. One to one support...

For further help with any of the above or transitioning into change or feeling stuck etc we can work one to one and blast through obstacles or old patterns which may be holding you back.

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2.  For further motivation, inspiration and connection with like minded people you can join my Pick Yourself Up Facebook Group here

Best of luck with your changes and please comment below on what changes you are planning on making or any other questions just give me a shout.

Many thanks,