The Truth About Sweeteners

Don’t be fooled….It may be sweeter than you think!!

Understanding food labels can be very difficult sometimes unless you have a degree. In the past few weeks I have been treating people who have had varying symptoms of pain in different parts of the body to ongoing tiredness, difficulty getting out of the bed in the morning, energy slumps during the day, and digestive problems of indigestion, heartburn, fluctuating bowel movements of constipation to diarrhoea.

Firstly it is important to know…Pain comes from inflammation. Tiredness can be due to several reasons, but mainly difficulty getting out of bed and energy slumps is due to a congested liver, food sensitivities, a poor working digestive system…and so on.

The familiarity between the people I treated recently was that they all used sweeteners and had a lot of diet coke daily. One lady had 8-9 cans of coke daily, the other had 4-5 cans daily to treat the energy slumps and sugar fixes. That’s another day’s work!! However, today I really want to bring to your attention of the misconception that DIET foods and drinks are better for you…they have fewer calories…it’s all bullshit.  Excuse my language but it really annoys me how money can just butt its way into people minds.

Manufacturers and marketing agents spend millions on advertising diet, diet, diet, sugar free…zero calories…BEWARE…anything that says diet, zero calories, sugar free is more than likely laced with artificial sweeteners which are basically manufactured chemicals. Yes, technically they are sugar free, yes technically they have fewer calories…However in reality they are chemicals the body finds extremely difficult to break down. Thus they build up in the body, they become toxins, and the liver becomes congested.

A congested liver lead some people to weight gain…all of the clients had difficulty losing weight, despite being on the diet foods and drinks…their weight was increasing and becoming more difficult to shift. The liver has to process everything through it. It carries out a mass amount of work such as energy production, storage, hormonal breakdown, breakdown of toxins and much more. A congested liver equals the list of symptoms mentioned above.

Please read the labels on foods and drinks. Avoid diet foods, drinks and sugar free chewing gum altogether.  Avoid using sweeteners on a daily basis in your beverages, cereals etc. Watch out for labels containing Aspartame, Saccharin, Sorbitol, Maltitol, Mannitol, Acesulfame K, and many others.

Use sparingly honey or plain table sugar.  At least the body can break these down much easier than artificial chemicals…

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