The World’s No.1 Health Problem….

No it’s not heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, or any other common disease that you can think of …It is self esteem!or lack of it.  Experts now say that the underlying cause of so much discomfort, pain and ill health actually stems from poor self esteem.

This is something I can verify as sooner or later no matter what symptom my clients present themselves with more often than not roots back to lack of self confidence, lack of self worth and lack of self esteem.  A brief & simple explanation is, Self confidence is the ability to be strong in yourself, believe in yourself and be able to stand up for yourself when circumstances arise. It is having the ability to be positive and confident in the things you feel strongly about, value highly or are important to you..

Self esteem is how you see yourself, how you treat yourself and how you allow others to treat you.

Self worth is valuing yourself, putting a high priced ticket on yourself..e,g saying no, rather than been the people pleaser. It is not about being selfish, it is about being true to yourself and living in balance and harmony at all times.

It is about not being so hard on yourself or being self critical of yourself… Example if you are constantly being criticised by others you feel you are no good and you start to feel negative and lose the ability to be confident. Speaking harshly to yourself e.g I’m no good at, I can’t do that, I’m stupid, it’s all my fault etc all of these thoughts and words actually affect your healthy body and soon turn it into a state of ill health

This negativity has the ability to sap the energy out of you, it can suppress your immune system and the production of T-Lymphocytes which are your natural defence force. They help fight off invaders such as viruses, nasty bacteria and so on which can go on to cause severe imbalances in the body and an endless list of diseases.

As children we usually have very high self esteem but then as we grow we are subjected to parental criticism, chiding from peers, get into destructive relationships, most often when we feel so bad ourselves we conceal how we actually feel and this sometimes comes out in bad behaviour or illness and can have a negative impact on our health and those around us.

Can I feel confident and really value myself again? Yes. Even asking the question is a powerful step as you recognise and know something has to change. It can with guidance, patience & healing the hurt. In today’s economic climate with people suffering job losses and redundancies it can be a real blow to ones’ self confidence, self esteem and security.

Keep healthy & positive by recognising what you can do for yourself or really enjoy..even if this is a hobby, Do it, this will help make you feel good about yourself, is there a new course you can take? talk with someone or work with voluntary organisation, take some quite time out for yourself & don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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