You can’t have one without the other!!

Have you guessed what I’m referring to? Probably not, as you are rarely told about it. When you complain of your irritable bowel or constipation or any kind of bowel problem you are generally told to increase your fibre intake. The truth of the matter is fibre is essential for a daily healthy bowel movement. However, water is even more important…as FIBRE cannot work without sufficient water to pass the fibre through.

Today I decided to write this article as over the past few weeks I have been working with an amazing lady who suffered from a lot of tiredness and had irregular bowel movements. On top of this she had a series of other complaints and nasty frequent kidney infections. She was told to increase her fibre which she did to no avail. Following on from testing her on day one I immediately found she was dehydrated, as she drank little water on a consistent basis. Six weeks later she feels like a new woman, she now cannot drink enough water! She asked me today, WHY are we all told to take more fibre and not a mention of drinking water with it. If this story sounds familiar to you I hope you will be inspired to take action and increase your water intake. If you do not, DO NOT INCREASE YOUR FIBRE INTAKE. It will only stick in your gut exacerbating the problem, creating bloating, flatulence, re-absorption of toxic wastes and much more.

Constipation can make you feel grumpy, tired, irritable, unmotivated, uncomfortable, feeling full, bloated with tummy pain, headaches, haemorrhoids, and so on. At least 80% of the people I treat suffer from constipation. They feel they have no choice but to live with it or take increasing amounts of laxatives for the rest of their lives. The best news is it does not have to be this way at all.

Kinesiology can treat constipation very successfully from many different angles to get your bowels moving consistently with ease. Also, many actually feel if they go to the loo maybe once or twice per week they are not in fact constipated! Think of your bowels or intestines as the bin in your kitchen, what happens when you don’t empty it or clean it regularly? It becomes, stale, mouldy, rotten and STINKING!! Just like the waste in you.

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