Frequent Sore Throats a Common Occurrence for You?

If you tend to suffer from persistent sore throats it usually means your immune system is struggling to cope and rundown. Your bodies’ immune system can become quickly depleted from poor sleep, poor dietary choices, toxins e.g. viral, bacterial, food intolerances, stress.

With the onset of a cold and sore throat, it is important to give your immune system every chance possible to fight the infection. You can do this by eliminating sugar in all its forms, greatly cut down or avoid white flour based products, snacks, cakes, pastas, and so on as these carbohydrates are quickly turned into sugars in the body and therefore have a similar effect as to actually eating sugar. If your adrenal glands are already exhausted coffee, sugary drinks and alcohol only cause dehydration and exacerbate the situation. Reduce dairy intake as dairy foods are high mucous forming foods and add further to the inflammation and congestion.

Increase fluid intake, homemade soups, lots of water, drinking hot water can be very soothing, also make up a warm drink of hot water, grated ginger/garlic, squeeze of lemon, & powdered Vitamin C.  Get to bed early.

Antioxidants are best at fighting infections and supporting long term health, Supplements of Vitamin C at least 2-3g daily, B-complex help support adrenal glands, Vitamin A may also be needed in acute cases to boost your immunity along with vitamin E and selenium. The herb thyme is fantastic as it is a natural antiseptic and should be added to meals wherever possible in soups, casseroles or it can be sipped as a tea to help relieve sore throats and coughs. Massaging the throat area with essential oils of oregano, thyme and basil can also soothe and relieve symptoms. Always follow manufacturers’ instructions while using oils. Zinc is also great with repairing and rebuilding strong immunity among many other things. Zinc can be found in a well balanced diet of green leafy vegetables, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds. Lentils, tofu, almonds, wholegrains.

Try to fight it before being prescribed antibiotics, which in many cases further deplete your natural immune system. If you do have to take them ensure you replenish the natural bacterial flora with acidophilus/bifidus capsules for about 6 weeks afterwards. Prevention is better than cure, if you are feeling run down, tired, stressed, take action to reduce the burden on the system before the onset of colds, flu’, sore throats, coughs, chest infections and many other ailments get you down.

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