Feeling weepy or over sensitive?

I always say a good laugh or a good cry can do wonders for you…preferably laughing more, however a good cry can really cleanse the inner system and take away a lot of hurt too. Now, that makes sense when you know what has hurt you or upset you. When you find yourself crying for the most silly of reasons or you have no idea why you are so sensitive or weep for no apparent reason then there may be a lot of other things going on beneath the surface.

When people come to me with this main symptom I will look at a number of different things to bring the person back into a state of inner strength and happiness. Some people will weep or feel very emotional if they are run down or simply over tired. When the body is in this state or even suffering from adrenal exhaustion or burnout it really cannot function properly. When the body is really stressed like that, the body burns up nutrients at a much faster rate, usually too when we feel like this we tend to eat less healthy foods which make the problem worse. B-Vitamins and vitamin C are especially important for maintaining a strong healthy immune system and central nervous system. When both of these systems are malfunctioning you can feel unwell, very down in yourself, sensitive, emotional, weepy, irritable and lots more. Minerals such as selenium, magnesium and iron are very important too for energy, repair and metabolism.

When the adrenals are down so too often is the thyroid gland. The thyroid is responsible for metabolism and energy output, when this is not working properly you can feel over sensitive and weepy. Often by treating the adrenals it brings the thyroid back into balance or even boosting the thyroid itself brings about amazing changes to peoples health, energy, mood and well-being.

If this is you then I would recommend getting some extra rest, some early nights, take some time off work where at all possible, eat really well, drink plenty of water and do more things which you enjoy, such as reading, going for gentle walks, watching your favourite movies, etc. Sometimes the cause of emotional outbursts can be due to memories resurfacing from past hurts which have been buried and not dealt with…these emotions and traumas can be triggered off by some other occasion or occurrence in your life. Get help! There is an abundance of it available, so there is no need to continue feeling weepy, sensitive or indeed miserable.

Give me a shout, I’m always here to help. The symptoms listed above are often mistaken for depression and people end up taking medication against their will in the hope that the problem will be solved.Anti-depressants can play a very important role at times and can definitely help people achieve greater balance in their lives so they are in abetter state to deal with the bigger issues in their lives…however unfortunately medication alone is never the answer, a listening ear, a boost to the adrenals, more sleep and rest and a good diet along with balanced exercise can work miracles!!!