Feeling anxious, uptight, stressed out?

I know many of you are feeling this way as you reported in your survey…Thank you.

At some point in our lives we can all experience some form of anxiety e.g. before a big event…going to the dentist, an interview, a presentation, confrontation, going through a stressful situation, feeling endangered or threatened and so on.  It can lead onto sweaty palms, sweaty armpits, sweaty forehead, increased heartbeat, knots in the tummy, feeling of the urge to urinate or to run to the loo, muscle tension, sense of panic, flutter and alarm, feeling of nausea, headaches etc.  The body recovers quickly when it is only something which happens occasionally. However when it is more prolonged over weeks, months or even years, the body develops specific patterns.

Take a deep breathe right now. If you are suffering from anxiety you can feel the relief from it…it can become a thing of the past. You need to learn new skills to overcome the situation…keep reading.

What’s happening in the body? The mind sees something…or is triggered by a past memory of an incident.  The body rapidly produces adrenaline to deal with the situation…this is called the flight or fight situation. The body will equip you with whatever you need to get out of that situation which you find yourself in. When this occurs on a prolonged basis the body literally burnouts, it cannot keep producing adrenaline to get you out of the situation. When the body is burned out, adrenaline exhaustion sets in, as the adrenal glands are responsible for controlling the adrenaline and other hormones which are necessary to cope with the situation.

On my upcoming retreat 6th and 7th November I will be showing you how you can overcome anxiety for good. You will learn how to let go of the old patterns the body has created. This means your body will not react as it has always done in the past. In the meantime you can benefit massively from the tips, affirmations, positive uplifting and calming quotes in the best life quote book.

To overcome the situation when you feel the panic attack or anxiety coming on…immediately press your feet into the ground and hold firmly onto something e.g. a door, back of chair, railing or whatever close by to you and start to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Counting to 5 in your head as you inhale and counting to 10 as you exhale. Feel your feet firmly on the ground. Assess the situation completely in a new light as you start to feel calmer. This feeling of anxiety, panic, stricken state can rip your insides apart…affecting all of your muscles, your digestive system, your detox pathways, your energy levels , your weight and much more.

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