Stressed or Striving This Festive Season?

Less than two weeks to go…here are a few simple tips to keep you smiling 🙂

Enjoy the spirit of Christmas this year by taking things at a slower pace. A stressed, busy and tired you equal a stressed and unhealthy mind and body. Take a few deep breaths throughout your day and bear in mind these tips.

  • Do something with family members or friends as opposed to just buying something for them. Remember no amount of money can buy quality time! Perhaps plan a family day trip.(not to the shops)
  • Include family gatherings, or do something charitable to help those less well off or who live alone and have no family.
  • Set yourself a budget for each person or family and ask is there something else I can do? Like offer lifts, offer to babysit; offer to do the shopping, bake a cake or pudding? Use your imagination. People appreciate gifts in many forms, so it does not have to be an expensive toy for the neighbour’s child or ‘another’ box of biscuits or sweets.
  • Reduce stress by making time for you. Aim to have at least 20 minutes ME-TIME everyday whereby you can just close your eyes, deep breathe, listen to some relaxing music or something you enjoy, have a bath…and let go the worries of the day and TOXIC TO DO Lists…
  • Have several glasses of water during your evening out and last thing at night before going to bed to prevent dehydration and sickness, headaches, tiredness, stomach upsets and more!
  • High strength Vitamin C & B Complex are also recommended everyday over the festive season to reduce the burden on the liver and help combat the effects of rich food and alcohol.
  • Aim to have at least 10-15 minutes exercise daily…no need to use the cold weather as an excuse, simply run up and down the stairs, jog on the spot, dance, jump up and down off a step, skip, do squats while waiting on the kettle to boil. Increasing your heart-rate is the key…every little helps to combat low moods, toxin build-up, weight gain, sluggish systems and so on. So keep moving!!!
  • Avoid over bloating, stomach swelling, indigestion by avoiding over indulgence of food, eat slowly, eat sitting up straight, chew your food well, avoid excess liquids at meal times, don’t forget to take your digestive enzymes and get in a little fresh air.

Above all else keep safe and have FUN!! Let that child within out to play x

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