Can you make the changes and say No?

At the moment I am working with an amazing person whom is a type 1 diabetic for almost their entire life, a busy working mum, coffee junkie, tired all of the time, poor sleeper, poor eater, suffered a lot of constipation and lots more…they felt there was little hope anyone could help them improve their energy, their diet or quality of life.

After one week, this person’s insulin base reduced to half, their bowel movements had moved daily, they were drinking more water, eating regularly and sleeping better. They were blown away that one treatment could make such a difference, a couple of weeks on this person is now looking at all areas of their life and realising they had been burning the candle at both ends and wearing themselves out. They always struggled with saying ‘No’, struggled with the feelings of guilt, embarrassment and so on…which resulted in them feeling miserable.

I know many of you reading this article will have something familiar with this person, however I want you to really ask yourself the question, what changes have you been meaning to change in your life and still haven’t, what have you been putting off, have you been feeling miserable? do you KNOW some things you can do right away and yet you just don’t bother…for many of us saying No, is the most difficult word to say and yet it is one of the shortest in our vocabulary. NO, easy to pronounce, very difficult to say. Saying No, to the tempting chocolate, to the 10th cup of tea or coffee that day, No to the dishes or No to the housework….on and on we could go! When do you say No? it’s usually to the stuff we ‘know’ will be good for us and we tend to say yes to the naughty stuff or to the stuff we ‘know’ will not be good for us long-term.

Your body, your health, your energy, what’s really important to YOU should not be taken for granted. Start saying ‘YES’ to change, yes to exercise, yes to more water, yes to making more time for you, yes to getting to bed earlier, yes to whatever it is you feel you truly need.

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