Are You Embarrassed By Your Stale Smelly Breath?

Mary came to me with as she said a very embarrassing problem… no one to date was able to sort out her problem of bad breath, more often than not she saw people making strange faces or pulling back from her while she spoke with them, many days she could smell it herself and then she knew it was really bad. The problem was made worse as she actually worked closely one to one with students often they ridiculed her.

Mary was left feeling awful, embarrassed, lonely, awkward, withdrawing from her friends, family and work colleagues not only was bad breath the issue now, but this led to very bad posture and very poor self esteem. She could see no good in herself at all. She was so self-conscious now she recently started calling in sick to work. This was when she saw a similar article to this one and contacted me for help.

If you can relate to Mary, then please read on for your benefit. Medically bad breath is called Halitosis. The good news is it can be treated effectively. The causes of bad, smelly, unpleasant breath may be due to plaque build-up on the teeth or there may be food lodged between the teeth which, simply decays over time if not properly removed. The use of substances such as coffee, alcohol and cigarettes can also contribute to an unpleasant odour along with strong smelling foods such as garlic and onions. In less common cases tooth decay or some other mouth or throat infection may be the cause. These causes are actually much less common than the one below!

During my treatments I often find Bad breath as a symptom of a poor functioning digestive system or an overload of nasty bacteria in the system. Poorly chewed food can get stuck in the gut due to the large chunks and remain partially digested in the system for a long period. Remember your stomach does not have teeth. When this partially digested food sits there in the heat and moisture of the gut, it quickly ferments or ‘goes off’ producing an unpleasant odour and gas. Now nasty bacteria and fungi can have a party all day long exacerbating the problem. High protein and fat diets are often the offenders in these incidents.

Proper elimination of toxins through the liver and kidneys is essential in maintaining a healthy gut.

Most often people turn to chewing gum to freshen their breath. In many instances this can aggravate the problems if you are already suffering from a lack of digestive enzymes or hydrochloric acid which is essential in breaking your food down.

The most natural ways to freshen your breath is by chewing a sprig of parsley or bite on a slice of lemon!

Reducing accumulations and build up of food and bacteria in the mouth is very important. Daily brushing and flossing of the teeth is highly recommended. Ensure you are brushing correctly, many of us see this as a chore and the quicker it can be done the better. Have regular dental checkups (every six months) to monitor any gum disease, to remove a build up of plaque or tartar. Daily tongue scraping may also be a necessity to reduce overall bacterial count in the mouth.

Reduce or eliminate animal proteins and fats from your diet and increase your intake of raw vegetables and fruits which are rich in digestive enzymes and fibre. This will aid in a daily bowel movement which is essential for removing toxins from your system which cause unpleasant odours.