What is Wrong with my Gut?

Suffering from vague and mild intestinal upsets to debilitating fatigue and intolerances to food and environmental substances such as cosmetics, cleaning agents, perfumes and so on. This may be due to gut imbalance or intestinal dysbiosis.

In healthy intestines /gut the body contains over 400 different kinds of micro-organisms all living within a delicate balance within their own ecosystem.  In other words this system works perfectly happy independently without any issues until we cause an imbalance. Stress on an ongoing basis creates acid in the body and promotes floral imbalance. Reducing stress is critical for a good working digestive system and a healthy gut.

One frequent and immediate trigger of a gut disturbance and its flora is antibiotics and medications. They kill off the good bacteria within the gut, which are essential for good health as well as killing off the disease causing harmful bacteria.

When the good is killed off the nasty bacteria, fungi and yeast have the opportunity to multiply and take over. It is the quantity of these which cause the problems in your gut. Added to this intestinal imbalance are ideal environments created in the gut.. diets high in fat, sugar and refined foods perfect for the nasty bacteria, fungi and parasites to grow and thrive. Diets high in fruit, vegetables and fibre are best for keeping the flora within a healthy balance. Other symptoms created by this are adrenal fatigue, low moods, depression, foggy brain, poor memory.

A higher proportion of friendly bacteria to nasty bacteria is essential for a healthy mind and body. Good bacteria carry out a number of functions in the body. They break down bile form the gall bladder, they breakdown and metabolize some food matter, they manufacture certain vitamins in the gut, Vitamin K and B12. They also help keep the gut more alkaline than acidic. The B vitamins are critical for a strong nervous and immune system.

Through kinesiology testing it can be determined what toxins are in your system creating the gut imbalance, several techniques are used to reduce stress in the body, special diets may be required for short periods to create a healthy balance again and  techniques are used to help eliminate the cause of the imbalance in the first place. Right away you can drink more water. Slightly cooled Hot water is very soothing for the gut. Get plenty of sleep, relax as much as possible, increase vegetable and fibre intake. Increase fibre intake slowly ensuring your intake of water is increased at this time too. It probably took years for your gut to get out of balance like this and in extreme cases it cannot fix itself unless treated in some way.

The tips included in my 20 supereasy ways to conquer digestive complaints are ideal to put into practice to enhance gut performance and healing. Free Tip: Chew your food really well.

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