Is Tea Really Good For You?

Tommy came to me with a bad skin condition of boil like eruptions on the skin, he had them all over his body particularly his face. Mary came with an itchy flaky scalp, it was driving her mad, and Denis came with skin problems too. With brown, scaly like patches across his abdomen…what had all of these people got in common?

They had an intolerance to tea…and the quantities varied from 8 to 18 cups a day. Now of course tea is not the cause of everyone’s skin condition but it may be causing other problems for you, like fatigue/poor motivation. Tea contains caffeine and people tend to drink more of it because they feel it is better for them than coffee, which contains much higher quantities of caffeine. Then as tea becomes comfort & habit you also have a biscuit, slice of your favourite cake or chocolate bar with it too…then if you are really spoiling yourself you may also be adding a few spoons of sugar or if you are been really good you will add sweeteners as you don’t want to be gaining any weight? This fact could not be further from the truth.

Sweeteners are very hard for the body to detoxify; therefore they clog up the liver, slow it down thus your metabolism slows down resulting in mood swings, weight gain, sugar cravings and lots more!

So what’s the harm in a cuppa tea?

Little, if it is occasional and you do not have an intolerance to it. With Tommy, he also had a nasty bacterial infection but the body could not break it down and get rid of it out of the body due to the congestion in the liver caused by the excess tea!

In our culture…tea and sugar are the norm as a treat. Ask yourself how many cups of tea you are having a day? Are you a tea drinker and someone who ignores the need for water? Do you add sugar or sweeteners? If so, how much? Are you suffering from pain, tiredness, skin problems, sleep problems? You may indeed benefit from 1) increasing your water intake, and 2) reducing your sugar and snack intake…yes this would include bread and jam!! Reducing your tea intake significantly…if you are cringing at the thoughts of giving up tea, then it may be the very thing adding to your health problems..

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