Fed up with the PAIN..?

Who hasn’t suffered pain at one time or another?. Pain is something I treat very commonly. Pain, aches and soreness can be linked to imbalances in e.g liver, lungs, adrenals, bowels and so on from toxin overload. Upper back pain is more associated with the whole neck region or a fixation in the lower pelvis. Low back pain is the most common and can be due to old accidents or injuries resulting in wear or tear. Disc/joint dislocation is always accompanied by weak surrounding muscles.

So what causes pain? Here are just a few of the most common reasons…

1. Dehydration…especially in kidney/lower back region. Your kidneys process water and filter it for us to stay alive and healthy, without water, they dry up and ache…hence you feel back pain.

2.TOO MUCH sugar in the diet… your spleen and pancreas have to process all the extra sugar, when they get tired doing this several times a day..day in day out they get tired…the muscle related to this (latissimus dorsii) muscle runs from the top of your bum to the top of your neck, when it gets tired it becomes weak, causes stiffness, dull ache or sharp pains. You will feel this especially when you wake up in the morning after lying down all night or after standing or bending for long periods, your back becomes stiff…

3.STRESS…Yes it keeps cropping up everywhere. The body actually holds onto longterm stress, anxiety and hurtful memories. This weakens the muscle structure and increases the risk to injury and pain results.

4.INFLAMMATION: is a major cause of pain in the body. There are natural chemicals in the body which reduce inflammation when we are injured or sick. However, when these natural chemicals go out of sync or rise in the body …pain results. It may occur in any part of the body, most usually your weakest part or a part that was as a result of a previous injury or hurt. A lady recently came with severe pain in her knee, after one treatment of reducing the inflammation in the body, the pain had reduced by 95%, she was amazed and delighted.

5 POOR POSTURE. Keep your chest out, stomach in & your shoulders back. If sitting for long periods stretch and move every 30 minutes. Avoid being crouched for long periods as muscles become cramped and tense. Reduce stress. Drink more water, cut out sweet stuff/sweeteners to help reduce pain.

Kinesiology treatments can very quickly identify the real issue behind your pain very quickly .if you require more information or

What changes can you make this week to improve your pain?