Cravings and how to stop them controlling you

Part 7
Leaky gut is another big cause of unexplained cravings which i come across when i test and trade my clients. So do you have Leaky Gut? The answer maybe yes and you may not even know it! I am going to explain this is non-medical and non-technical terms. Think of it this way, if you put fuel into your car and a few seconds later you hear it coming out somewhere…Uh Oh you know something is wrong!!!. What will you do, stop the pump, stop filling up and go have a look. If there is a leak you are not going to continue putting the fuel in.
Unfortunately, with your gut you cannot just stop putting the food (your fuel) in, however you can change the type of fuel. Basically when the gut becomes permeable, the food passes right through into the blood stream creating skin problems, food intolerances, sneezing, inflammatory conditions, pain, bowel problems and much more.

What causes the gut to become leaky ? Stress, excess protein, excess sugar, excess alcohol, toxins like parasites, fungal overload, metal toxicity, bacterial overload, improper chewing and so on. All of these items create acid in the gut and disturb the whole acid alkaline balance, which creates more carvings and the vicious cycle continues creating more and more health problems for you.

When you have more acid you may suffer from an array of problems like poor sleep, low energy levels, mood swings, irritability, food intolerances, skin problems, weight problems, digestive problems like bloating , gas, excess wind, bowel fluctuations, changes from diarrhoea, to constipation and much more.

With a very simple test I can determine what is causing the acid alkaline imbalance, what you need to do about it and whether you have leaky gut or not.

The most acidic foods are white flour based products (refined carbohydrates), like pasta, pizza, white bread, cakes, biscuits, SUGAR of course in all its forms…excess animal protein and not enough vegetables or proteins from plant sources can be a problem. Protein comes from food sources like excess nuts, red meat, fish, chicken and so on. In an acidic environment all the nasties thrive, they eat away at your protective layers on the inside and leave you feeling very sluggish, down and unwell to say the least. You simply cannot thrive and be healthy. Failure to chew your food properly is a massive problem and eating foods which do not agree with you.

The good news is the gut restores very quickly given the right conditions. Replenishing the alkaline levels within the gut as well as treating the body for other imbalances, taking antidotes for toxicity if present, treating core stress issues, looking at your dietary habits and lots more are very important. It’s a blend of numerous things which create it, unfortunately a magic wand cannot fix just like anything else but treatment is highly successful.

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