What is Adrenal Exhaustion and why should I be careful?

I only had time to paint one nail!!!

As a lady was lying on the treatment plinth and looked at her hands she said oh, I only had time to paint one nail..the story of my life!!! This lady is a full time mum of six and as she says a full time taxi driver too.  She was tired, full of aches and pains, had problems sleeping, had Achilles heels, digestive problems and lots more.. without delay this lady tested to adrenal burnout and an imbalanced thyroid too… this is so typical and I’m sure you can relate..even if not about you painting your nails..

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue and exhaustion!

Stress, tiredness, mood swings, headaches, sugar cravings, PMS, Sleepless nights, Irritability, food intolerances and many more are just a few of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, exhaustion and burnout. Others include… Do your eyes find it hard to adjust to the light, especially in the mornings? Do you fall asleep instantly and wake up with a start? Do you have restless legs in the evenings?

Do you feel you could go back to bed a few hours after you get up or you are buzzing around late at night when you should actually be in bed? Do you feel tired, yet you wake throughout the night? These are all very common issues I see with clients everyday.

What is adrenal exhaustion?

Adrenal exhaustion very simply is wiped out, burned out, over stressed, over fatigued adrenal glands.

Our adrenal glands, which are situated on top of each kidney are primarily responsible for governing the body’s adaptation to stress of all kinds. The adrenals secrete hormones like adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, cortisol and other stress related hormones.

How do they become exhausted?

The main causes for burn out and adrenal fatigue is our busy hectic life styles, too much stress  and not taking enough timeout for ourselves. Our bodies are perfectly designed to cope with a little stress or short time grief however, when it’s one thing after another our systems struggle and our adrenals become exhausted

When we are tired our body craves energy. We provide this energy in the form of stimulants and sugar, example sugar snacks, coffee and cigarettes only provide a quick fix. They give a short energy boost, which is then quickly followed by yet another slump and the cycle continues…leaving you feeling even worse. There is a way out. You can get out of that vicious circle..join me for part 2 next week.