What do you know about Your Kidneys?

Today I am going to talk to you about your kidneys! As you already know these are the organs which are responsible for urination and excretion of wastes from the body. Over the past two months I have treated several people who have had recent kidney issues or have had a long history of kidney complaints. Two very simple common reasons were found to be at the root of the problems across both women and men.

1. The cold

It is imperative you keep your kidneys warm. Your kidneys are located towards the back top of your waist area. If you stand upright and place your hands on your waist with your thumbs to the front and your fingers to the back and rotate your hands around to rub this area you will feel your kidneys. I recommend you rub this area often to keep the blood circulating to the organ.

Many people feel a chill in this area. You can keep your kidneys warm by drinking warm herbal teas, eating soups, casseroles/warming foods etc., by wearing proper full length tops/clothing which covers your lower back completely. Wear socks, footwear to keep your feet warm as you lose most of your body’s heat out through your feet and your head. So head protection always comes in handy too when out and about. A hot water bottle is brilliant to use while you are sitting watching TV, having your dinner if you are feeling a chill in your kidneys or just cold all over.

2. Dehydration!

Yes, I am reminding you once again to drink more water. It is frightening the amount of people who do not drink enough water. With the indoor heating on full blast you are drying up and you don’t even know it. Normal tea, coffee, minerals, other caffeinated drinks are full of substances which add to the clutter and waste of the body, therefore they have little impact on hydrating. Drink warm hot water or leave cold water to stand for an hour or so at room temperature if you do not like to drink cold water. Add parsley to you diet, drink parsley tea it is super as it is high in Vitamin C, Iron, calcium, beta carotene and much more. It is a warming food and supports a healthy digestive system, liver, kidney & adrenal gland function.

Drinking water is the most basic simple and yet powerful thing you can do to boost your health and energy. I encourage you to make it a positive new habit or routine in your life.

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