My Top 7 Foods & Drinks to beat cravings

Cravings and how to control them instead of them controlling you.

Part 3:
From time to time it is only perfectly natural that we can crave something to make us feel better. However if it is an ongoing thing or something you really struggle with getting to the root is absolutely a must. The top cravings are usually either for something sweet or salty. Here are my top 7 foods to help you beat sugar and salt cravings and maintain a healthy weight and body…
1. LEMON JUICE. It turns out that a few tablespoons of lemon juice before or during a meal in a tiny amount of water could lower your blood sugar AND if you drink hot water with lemon in the morning it also supports good digestion. Lemon is citrus/acidic outside of the body but in the body it has a very alkalising impact in your body. Having the gut in an alkaline state is much better for your health and can keep nasty illnesses at bay.
2.CINNAMON. Cinnamon helps improve insulin sensitivity which is HUGE for helping you burn fat and stop the hunger. It can reduce blood glucose levels because it slows stomach emptying, making you feel full faster. And the good news is it doesn’t take much; 1 and a half teaspoons a day seems to do the trick. And cinnamon is naturally sweet, so it’s a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth…
3. WATER. Water appears everywhere to help you maintain good health doesn’t it? well tats because the majority of our bodies are made up of water in the first place.
4. SOUR FOODS…a cooking apple is perfect to use here and so readily available. Cooking apples are are high in Malic acid and even one slice can immediately take away that sugar craving. Magic acid has many benefits among which boosting energy levels at a cellular level ben gate most important.
5. Cultured fermented foods and drinks: Such as sauerkraut or kefir, ( fermented milks) or Kombucha,( fermented teas) are much more readily available to buy in good health food stores now. These foods/drinks are really great at restoring gut gut flora and also in cleaning up the tastebuds to stop and prevent sugar cravings..
6. Cayenne. Is reddish powder. Only a tiny pinch is needed especially to start off with, you can add a pinch to warm water, or over your veggies or add it to your smoothie or juice or soup. Cayenne is fantastic in boosting metabolism and therefore helping with circulation and detoxification of the body. Therefore you will burn more calories and also in the process have less sugar cravings which lead onto feeling crappy, sluggish and overweight in the first place.
7. Coconut milk and coconut oil…are both very high in medium chain triglycerides. A bit of a mouthful ( excuse the pun) but these are really good fats. Coconut oil and milk is anti-viral and anti-bacteria which means coconut is really beneficial in helping the body maintain the good bacteria in healthy balance in the gut. Often an imbalance in the bad bacteria in the gut is a major cause of sugar cravings in the first place. Coconut being rich in these good fats keeps hunger at bay much longer and increase metabolic rate.

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