Four simple steps to conquer your cravings…

This time of year is everyones’ favourite time to go for a NEW Start, get fitter, be healthier, exercise more, cut out rubbish/caffeine, lose weight, tone up..on and on the list goes. The number one reason why many fail at changing is because they cannot conquer their cravings!!!

A craving can be defined as a “strong desire to consume a substance or an intense desire for a particular thing”. They usually come in waves and when you feed them or give in a certain level of satisfaction is reached. When this patterns continues a habit is created.

Think of your craving as a spoilt child.. every time they whimper or throw a tantrum you give in, this becomes learned behaviour. They soon learn in order to get what they want to they throw a tantrum.. your craving is the same. Change the way you respond to it and it will first subside and then disappear altogether. After just 7 days your taste buds will have changed. Many cannot last 7 days, I believe you can..give it your utmost.

I treat cravings very successfully all of the time using a number of different techniques in my are a few tips to get you off to a start. Enquiries or treatment details please email

  1. Identify what you crave and when.. do you crave sweet things or do you crave salty and crunchy? Next thing identify when exactly you crave them it first  in the morning, last thing at night, immediately after eating, after exercising etc even writing this out is a huge step in the process as you are really identifying what is going on. Next decide on a healthier option e.g instead of the sweet cake after dinner have one rice cake or have a homemade cookie as a treat once or twice per week or change what you do immediately after dinner..go brush your teeth. Do whatever you need to, to break the pattern.
  2. You have to really want it and you have to believe in yourself that you can do it. Your desire to quit or change has to be greater or stronger than the craving you have. This means you have to keep your goal in mind. When your craving kicks in, think of your desired goal and focus on that instead. It’s a bit like a competitive team is the craving the other team is the desire goal..which one is the stronger??
  3. Plan..always have your healthier options in convenient places e.g nuts, seeds, oatcakes, fresh fruit, water, etc grab them when the craving kicks in. have them at your desk, in the car, in the fridge, in your bag.
  4. Avoid getting too hungry…this makes you very vulnerable to cravings. Eat regularly and consistently to tune in your body clock.

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