Does Eating Rule Your Life?

Many struggle with food, body and weight issues…many are constantly obsessed by their weight, many overeat, yo-yo diet or binge…many are trapped into an endless cycle of starvation or comfort eating. So often I treat people who suffer with a distorted eating pattern of one kind or another, these patterns usually arise when a person uses food to cope with painful situations, or feelings of anger, fear, guilt, anxiety, loneliness, boredom and so on. Unusual eating patterns can occur at any time or at any age following a traumatic event, a death, abuse, bullying, depression, long term illnesses and many others. Other times there is no specific time or event which triggers it.  As the cycle continues, low self-esteem, poor body image, stress, blood sugar imbalances, negative attitudes, poor motivation and so on leave people feeling hopelessness and despair as they find it very difficult to break the habits and get off the never ending hamster wheel.

When the body is mistreated, in any way, it copes the best way it knows how through compensating. If the body is starved it will work harder at producing fat in order to protect the vital organs. Often clients are amazed when I explain this…my philosophy is…everything in moderation and nothing to extremes. If you completely cut out and become obsessed with having no fats at all in your diet your body will hold onto whatever fat it has, often rapidly producing more fat to protect you, therefore you may find it difficult to lose weight. When diets become obsessive, that is a major stress alone to the body and you lose valuable nutrients due to the rigidity in habits with the food. Restoring a person’s self-confidence and self-beliefs are key to overcoming and moving past eating disorders.

How are your eating patterns, are you starving yourself all day and overeating late in the evening?

Do you make time for breakfast?

Do you remember to drink water regularly throughout the day?

Do you often binge out on food; do you binge out then vomit it back up?

Are you under-weight or over weight? Are you struggling to keep a healthy balance in your diet?

It is very important to know exactly how you treat your body. Get the help you need as without a regular consistent supply of good wholesome nourishing food your body cannot function at its optimum and illnesses or chronic problems will occur. For further information on my treatments please contact

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