Are you at Optimum Weight or Struggling? Part 3

Welcome to part 3, how are you feeling about your weight, your energy levels, your fitness, your attitude towards food, how are you thinking about you?

It can be difficult to change, no matter what kind of a step you take it can be difficult, no one said it was going to be easy, but it is absolutely wonderful when you actually make the changes you know you have to make. If you are struggling with your weight and you have been reading these articles I would like you to identify now what changes you have actually made, what things you are doing differently?

  • Are you taking more exercise, cutting out the rubbish, accepting you as you are?
  • Drinking more water, eating more fruit, getting more rest, eating smaller portions, eating slower, chewing your food thoroughly…

What-ever changes you have made stick with them. It is only when we do something on a consistent basis that you will actually see long-term consistent results. 

The problem most people have when it comes to their figure, their weight, their eating habits etc they make a decision and then they EXPECT, Fast quick, immediate results. This is unrealistic, the excess weight did not appear suddenly overnight so it is only realistic to understand it will not and cannot disappear overnight. You must always praise yourself and encourage yourself.

Fat plays a very important role in the body in protecting us and keeping us warm. It protects you from all kinds of hurts and injuries including negative self-talk and hurt full words you say about yourself. The more negative you are towards yourself the more your body will hold onto the excess fat for protection. Unfortunately excess fat has many health implications for your liver, heart health, immunity, sleep, fitness and lots more.

You must ensure you have good fats in your system, often people think they are being healthy by cutting out all the good fats too, your body cannot function efficiently without good fats, these include fish, nuts, seeds, avocados etc these good fats help with metabolism, energy, brain power, they help with the transportation, movement and absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K into parts of the body where they are needed most. Cut out fried foods and snacks, these are the baddie saturated fats. Ensure you have a generous helping daily of all the fats.

This will help you to achieve your optimum weight and feel great too in the process. So what are you waiting for? See you next week for the final part 4.