Are you a Workaholic or Fun Diva?

There is a clear difference between work and play. Many love their work (like me) and don’t really see it as work, however time out is still crucial. Many suffer burnout, chronic health problems, weight gain, and so because the are workaholics.. so are you are workaholic or a fun diva?

Workaholism can be an addiction, it can consume every though and every waking hour of your life. Working to the extreme can literally suck the life and energy out of you. Answer the following questions and see how you fair out or ask a family member or friend to answer them for you… You may be surprised by what you discover.

  1. I often disappoint friends and family due to work commitments
  2. I make work my number one priority in life
  3. I take work with me on holidays
  4. I rarely take any holidays
  5. My family and/or friends complain that I always work.
  6. I take little or no time for myself or those I love
  7. It takes me longer to get things done as I feel tired most of the time
  8. I procrastinate a lot out of habit and because I don’t really enjoy what I do
  9. I take on too much at once
  10. I find it very hard to say no to others
  11. I put myself under too much pressure..
  12. I often work long into the night or start work earlier that I need to
  13. I bring work home with me and work during quality family time.
  14. I have poor time management skills
  15. I put work before my health, my sleep, my fitness, before my loved ones.
  16. I resent my friends and all the free time they have
  17. I never switch off my mobile phone
  18. I often use the words..I have to do this, there is no one else to do it,
  19. Work always comes before everything else in  my life
  20. I always answer my mobile no matter what the time, especially if its related to work.
  21. I rarely allow myself down time to do nothing.
  22. I use the word “deadlines” a lot when speaking to others
  23. I find it hard to switch off at the end of the day,
  24. I Rarely get a sound restful nights sleep
  25. I feel tired and wrecked the next morning..but I have to keep going..
  26. I worry about work most of the time

If you answered more yes than no, you may need to take some serious time out and plan some fun stuff, commit to friends and family and do not let them down. Get some rest for you, do something fun every day, take proper breaks in between work to eat properly, get some fresh air, stretch your legs, have a laugh with a friend, whatever you need to do to get a little fun and creative energy back into your life. You will benefit, your family will benefit, your health, your mind, your spirit , your friends…how many more reasons do you need. Start living your life TODAY…

If you require any help, ideas, tips or strategies to get your health and energy back on track..please email here for private one to one coaching..