Cravings and how to control them instead of them controlling you…Part 6

We have covered a lot in the past five weeks in helping you identify what cravings you may or may not have, what it is really want to feel , what the emotional link with those cravings may be, what your craving patterns are, what foods are best to help break those patterns and how being tired in the first place is a major cause of cravings. Today we are going to look at some other common things which also can be the root cause of cravings…
1. Eating too quickly and improper chewing. You have heard me speak about the importance of chewing several time before but it is so VITALLY important for a healthy digestive system and therefore body. Chewing slowly and thoroughly is imperative in helping you to beat cravings. When you eat too fast, you end up with lots of undigested food in your gut. This partially digested food will sit in your gut and ferment and rot. This undigested food then creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus/candida, nasty bacteria, parasites etc to grow and thrive. These toxins in overload create terrible cravings as they simply want to be fed. Then when you give into the craving for sugar in particular you are feeding the overgrowth and the overgrowth just gets bigger, making you feel more tired and more unwell and the vicious circle just continues. I help my clients identity these problems and most of the time we are completely unaware of the problem in the first place. So chew your food thoroughly so your body can extract the nutrients out of that food so it can adequately fuel your body.

( Remember that is what we eat in the first place) Healthy Food = FUEL.
2. Mineral and Vitamin Deficiencies. Because of a poor diet in the first place, toxin overload, high stress levels and lack of sleep mineral and vitamin deficiencies are a big cause of cravings also.

Everyone is different and are lacking in different nutrients but the number one deficiency which causes cravings particularly of sugar is magnesium. Magnesium is required for energy within the cells. Magnesium helps the body carry out over 300 functions, therefore when it is missing it causes a lot of ill-health problems. Zinc and chromium are also two other very important minerals in helping to balance blood sugars, boost metabolism and digestive health and therefore helping you manage and or avoid cravings altogether.

In todays society we are really overfed with high calorie, nutrient void foods and underfed in high density nutritious foods. To eat healthy it definitely takes a lot more effort , planning and execution. As a general rule as people are so busy what they really eat comes down to time or lack of it in preparing the healthy nutrient rich foods. You will get away with eating low dense quality /convenience foods for a short while, then your body will present some symptoms. The only way to truly manage your long term health is by eating well and making time for yourself. The body is designed to grow, heal and repair on an ongoing basis, however it needs valuable nutrients and nutritious rich foods to enable it do that, without which you will become ill. There is no way that you cannot, it merely is a question of how long will it take and what type of illness will you present with. Excess Sugar is poison to the body so take every step you can to get help and get away from it. See you next week for the final part.
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