What story is Your Stools Telling You?

Many people are ashamed to discuss this topic, however your bowel movements and your stools condition can tell an awful lot about your internal gut and overall health. In some ways you have to start thinking…what you put in is what you get out…!!! Please remember failure to eliminate properly leads to toxic build-up. Toxins are linked to many serious illnesses. Better out than in that’s what I say!!

I’m a going to give you an overview of what the different types of stools look like, I encourage you every now and again and at least once per week to “take a view from the loo top”…

  1. Pellets type, hard, small formations are typical of a congested liver. Your system is really struggling. They indicate a slow transit time. You may sense from a bowel movement like this you feel as if you have not evacuated all faecal matter properly.
  2. Sausage like, but lumpy…basically is a joined up version of pellets above. This is generally due to our western diets…too little good soluble fibre…too much animal based products.
  3. Sausage or snake shape…this bowel movement generally occurs with strain or excess effort. They should look like this and be a rich brown colour. Not too light and not too dark. With a healthy fibre diet and sufficient water you should have stools like this especially first thing in the morning.
  4. If you also pass a stool later in the day it can be softer and more blobby…this is okay too as long as they are passed normally and without any urgency or cramps.
  5. Fluffy stools with ragged edges, or very mushy stools can indicate an over stimulated transit time…or a very soft or liquid like stool certainly would indicate that. It is possible too to take too much fibre. Start with a small amount of fibre and increase slowly, increasing your water intake at the same time. Rapidly increasing fibre uptake results in excess gas, wind and bloating, stomach cramps, loose stools.

Stools should not dive to the bottom of the bowl and disappear nor should they float. If they are very sticky and leave marks on the toilet bowl there may be too little fibre and too much mucus in them. Mucus comes from high sugar, refined carbohydrate diets.

Floaters, indicate failure to digest fats. If you see loads of undigested food, you are failing to chew your food properly and probably lack digestive enzymes too.

When treating people, I always work with the digestive system as it is absolutely critical for optimum health, energy and well being.

How would you rate your digestive system based on the above information? I hope in tip top shape? If you need help or wondering where you should start to make changes to get the system working better then I recommend my top 20 digestive health tips.