Are you feeling anxious?

The statistics say Anxiety affects one in ten people at some point in their life…I would even say it affects at least 3-4 in ten people. I would actually say the majority of people who come to me from help suffer from anxiety. So many people become so frightened they are unable to get on with their lives as after some time of feeling anxious the fear of feeling anxious becomes crippling in itself. Different people experience different symptoms be most feel one or more of the following…feeling uncertain, tense, fearful and frightened. Symptoms of ongoing anxiety: Heart racing or skipping beats, frequent urination, sweating, butterfly/tense tummy, tense muscles, shortness of breath, dry mouth or throat, shaking, numbness, check/head/neck pain, clenched jaw…
A number of hormones are released by the body to adapt to the situation known as fight or flight response…these hormones include adrenaline, nor adrenaline, cortisol, plus others. At this point as our defensive stimuli are in operation our physical reactions such as digestion shuts down, blood pressure rises, breathing becomes altered, faster and shallower. This is a natural healthy response. When this is continuous or prolonged long after the incident has passed..the body becomes depleted of nutrients, our immune system gets worn down, sleep becomes deprived, meals skipped, our adrenal glands becomes burned out, we constantly feel exhausted and more on edge. The body never gets to fully relax. It is on high alert all of the time. All of this can have a detrimental effect on your overall health and wellness.
To deal with the anxiety many also live altered lifestyles avoiding stressful situations or triggers for their anxiety. This can cause and create many limitations in life and certainly you will not be able to live a normal balanced lifestyle. Avoiding the triggering issue can help short term but longterm it leads onto other complications. In fact the feelings of having to avoid the issues can then become addictive and a habit that needs to be fed constantly. In turn this leads onto further anxiety and stress in the body.
The majority of anxiety comes from the way we think or the way we have been conditioned as children or the experiences we have had. Our minds and bodies programme in a particular way during these stressful or anxious experiences in order to initially protect us. As time goes on the truth is that initial stress or trigger can be long gone but the body and mind keep repeating patterns of the same stress or fear of it re-occurring again.We can grow up with fear and then as adults carry that on through in our everyday lives and find it hard to cope. It is very important to get to the root of the pattern and I work with my clients in breaking the patterns and restoring the bodies natural coping mechanisms back to health which in turn boosts self confidence and self-esteem. See you next week for part 2


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