Critical Importance of Good Fats part 3

Continuing on from the last two articles, I hope you now have a better understanding of fats and their importance.

Do not eat Rancid or Oxidised fats, these are fats which have been damaged by the air e.g crisps, nuts, seeds tasting horrible like they are gone off.Usually they have quiet a high smell off them too. A high intake of these fats can result in free radicals in the body, which can cause headaches, tiredness and sluggishness in the system. Keep packets well sealed and eat within best before date.

Cut out rubbish in your diet. Don’t depend just on food for your treats, do something nice for yourself. Grill rather than fry foods. Don’t add butter/ gravies/sauces to your meals. Have plain whole foods and use fresh herbs for flavour rather than adding fat or artificial foods or flavour enhancers. Remove skin from chicken, fat from meats before you eat. Eat slowly and enjoy the taste of your food. Vary your diet to make it more interesting.

Best Fats to cook with are olive oil or extra virgin olive oil for (salad dressings) or uncooked food use only, Olive oil is NOT heat stable and is easily damaged by temperatures above 40.c ( which to feel would be about alike warm temperature) if you are frying or roasting something the temperatures could reach in excess of 180.c so the fat actually burns. Pure sunflower oil, rapeseed oil ( Ireland/UK origins only, American rapeseed is known as canola oil and it is mostly genetically modified and therefore not recommended) or coconut butter/oil are great too.

One of the biggest problems with weight gain and tiredness is you most likely eat the same foods everyday, cereal or toast for breakfast, sandwich or roll for lunch and so on. Include fruit, vegetables or salads everyday. Try new foods and try everyday foods in other ways, make your life tasty and energetic! Good fats add great flavour and variety to your diet, why not make chia seed porridge ( 2 tablespoons whole chia seeds mixed with enough plant based milk e.g almond milk with taste of honey or maple syrup if you want to sweeten it a little) for a change or use coconut oil to butter your toast or blend soaked sunflower seeds into your juice or have sliced up apple for your snack coated with almond nut butter or cashew nut butter ( yummy) for a little change. One other huge benefit from having good fats in your diet is that they also help to reduce cravings and can help balance blood sugars. For example having a fruit smoothie with avocado in it will automatically slow down the release of natural sugars into your blood stream. Enjoy the wide array of good fats, nuts and seeds and their oils so readily available nowadays and a little is all that is needed but it the frequency and regularity which is the most important aspect, not the QUANTITY. Just a little is all that is needed for that super great taste and flavour in which they impact!