Balancing blood sugar levels….OH…Sugar!!!! Part 2 of 2

Continuing on from last week where we spoke about blood sugar imbalances and the symptoms to watch out for…to what can excess sugar do to your body. Excess sugar can make you tired, grumpy, overweight, give you restless nights sleep, exhaust your adrenal glands, leaving you lacking in energy and get up and go! Sugar is a stimulant therefore it stimulates your energy levels for just a short period of time.

When you experience these highs and lows continuously your adrenal glands become exhausted. This is when you feel you have no energy to do anything. When this happens repeatedly over a long period this is when you need even more sugar or some other stimulate such as coffee, cigarettes or kick start ‘you’ or perhaps you have all these over the course of the day!

Sugar turns into a syrup inside of you…it makes the body more acidic in nature. When the body is acidic the natural bacterial flora can go out of balance..this encourages the growth of nasty bacteria and fungi..when these grow they suppress the immune system as the immune system is constantly working trying to handle the imbalance in the body. In this weakened state the body is susceptible and prone to infections such as viral, parasitic, candida and many others. Candida and Parasites in particular love sugar…they really thrive in sugary acidic conditions.

The best news does not have to be this way. You do not have to live everyday as if you are in constant battle with trying to beat ‘the sugar thrill’ and stress. Kinesiology treatments can help you identify

  • what stage your energy levels are at and what you need to boost them
  • If there is an overgrowth of fungus or a parasitic infestation creating the uncontrollable desire to have more chocolate or sweet things
  • Stimulate the balancing of blood sugar levels
  • Guide you on how best to help yourself and advise what you need or do not need to do to balance your own blood sugar levels.

As a result you will have more energy, be less moody, have greater control over what you eat, have increased concentration, have greater motivation to exercise, be less addicted to who doesn’t want all that?