Iron Deficiency Anaemia..Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Symptoms of Iron deficient Anaemia:

Ghostly White Pale skin tone, tiredness, dizziness, faintness, headaches, low energy and motivation could be because you are anaemic or have a tendency towards it! Have you thought you may be low in Iron? You more than likely are, however the mistake I commonly see people make is that they then take high doses of iron to sort the matter, but notice little difference only constipation and headaches or tummy upsets. Iron alone is not enough; you need to know why you are lacking iron in the first place?

Causes of Anaemia:

There are different types of anaemia and different reasons for it occurrence. You may have pernicious anaemia whereby you are missing a vital factor needed for the absorption of B12. Mal-absorption of B12 may be due to other factors also such as chrons’ disease, gastritis, coeliac disease or other toxins in the system.

Different vitamins and minerals work together to boost each other’s effectiveness and functions or simply one cannot be absorbed without the other, these are known as co-factors, this is especially important with Iron absorption whereby it needs folic acid, Vitamin C & Vitamin B12 so it can be easily absorbed and utilised by the body. Therefore your iron intake maybe good but without the co-factors it is no good to you.

Other factors which can inhibit absorption are high intake of black tea and coffee (I don’t mean without milk) or excessive consumption of fibre rich foods. Fibre is essential for healthy bowel function but so too is iron. If you are suffering from constipation/sluggish bowel movements it may be due to lack of iron. It is best to take your iron supplement and fibre rich foods a number of hours apart.

Iron supplements high in sulphate are not recommended as they cause constipation, It is best to take your supplement with fruit or homemade freshly squeezed fruit juice due to the rich vitamin C aiding absorption. Foods rich in iron are livers, leafy green vegetables, cabbage, kale, spinach, organic tomatoes, prune juice, dried fruits, almonds, wheat bran…iron deficiency may be due to long-term stress, heavy periods or toxins in your system.

With a healthy balanced body and an intake of a wide variety of rich nutritional foods iron absorption and consumption are usually not a problem….so getting to the root of it is usually very simple through kinesiology..

Anaemia Treatment:

Kinesiology Treatments can very quickly determine if you need iron, B12 or any other vitamin supplement. The entire body will be assessed and rebalanced e.g food intolerances will be checked, correct bowel movement will be restored, stress/energy levels will be checked, the liver will be boosted/detoxed if necessary and so on to ensure a healthy body is maintained.