Feeling Overwhelmed?

What exactly does feeling overwhelmed mean? The synonyms for feeling overwhelmed are usually at first very strong feelings where you may feel, I can’t do this, I can’t cope, some people will explain they feel like they are drowning, smothering, being buried in negative feelings or swamped with work, responsibility, family concerns and lots more.

If you have experienced these feelings, and there are plenty of us, these words may be all too familiar. Whether feeling overwhelmed is sudden or cumulative, chronic or acute, the feeling is one of drowning, immobility, feeling stuck, paralyzed, numb and powerlessness.

During those times, everything feels too big. It’s not just everyday busyness and packed schedules. When we’re overwhelmed, the normal everyday mundane tasks like making dinner or getting dressed can become a monumental effort. Looking after yourself goes out the window, unfortunately so too does your health! Routine tasks which you are very capable of doing suddenly take much more of your energy and can often feel impossible to even get done…so you may leave important things undone, which has its own repercussions. The most important thing to say now is that you are not alone, we can all go through phases like this form one thing or another, but please believe there is a way out, you have got to believe that!!!

There are many different reasons for overwhelm, e.g. it can be from lack of self-confidence in the workplace due to a past negative experience, trauma or memories where you were previously dominated or bullied by someone…the list is endless. You need to identify your individual symptoms and triggers for overwhelm. Symptoms can vary widely but generally include some symptoms of ill health, headaches, nail biting, being awkward/clumsy, forgetful, rude, defensive, and loud or opposite subdued or withdrawn, emotional, moody, impatient, loss of sense of purpose/direction, unsure of what’s important, loss of connection with meaning of life and with inner self…..

This is just one of the issues I will be dealing with at my upcoming annual 2 day retreat 19th and 20th of May, if you would like further details, please contact me as only a few places remaining. I work with people to let go of the hurt, build up their self-worth and  help them to feel better on all levels by showing them simple ways to overcome these awful feelings and right now, take a deep breath and start becoming aware of how you feel, see you next for part 2.