Balancing blood sugar levels..OH..Sugar!!! Part 1

Did you know if sugar was discovered today it would be a controlled substance! Research now shows that sugar is an additive substance. This is why when you have some you just want some more.

Ask yourself the following questions and see if you have a blood sugar imbalance?

– The more sugar or sweet things I have the more I want.. I seem to have sugar cravings I just can’t control?
– I feel I don’t need any chocolate but as soon as I see it..I cannot stop myself from having a piece..then another piece.
– I can go all day without any but I have to have something sweet after my dinner?
– I suffer from tiredness..or have slumps in my energy during the day…everyday!
– I suffer from ‘foggy brain’ syndrome..I just can’t remember things and I find it difficult to concentrate?
– I find it hard to lose weight, I feel sluggish and feel like I am retaining lots of fluid?
– I suffer from mood swings…highs and lows…for no apparent reason
– Find it easy to nap during the day and difficult to sleep properly during the night?

    This is just a sample of the symptoms you may suffer from due to blood sugar imbalance.

    Yes.. “I have answered yes to the above… but I don’t add sugar to my tea” It is virtually impossible to avoid sugar as it comes in so many forms and disguises. You may not add sugar to your tea but you may have it in one or more of the following forms…add sugar to your cereal or have fizzy drinks or chewing gum or loads of processed foods or sweeteners or concentrated fruit juices or jam or biscuits or cakes or ketchup or chocolate or a high carbohydrate diet?…

    Be careful..of any processed foods..anything that comes in a packet, jar or container from a supermarket! The labels may not say sugar as they disguise it under different names such as lactose, fructose, dextrose, maltodextrin, glucose, glucose syrup, and so on.

    Well what is so bad about sugar anyway? Sugar can do a number of things to your body
    It gives you an immediate lift in energy…unfortunately though this is really short lived..Stay tuned for part 2 next week.