Are your legs RESTLESS?

Restless heavy legs, achy joints, extreme tiredness, feel like your legs are not your own…no matter what position you put them into there are at dis-ease and feels uncomfortable…if you feel like this especially at the end of the day or maybe late afternoon or during hot weather, your adrenal glands may be exhausted and simply VERY TIRED. I know this now but these are words I grew up as a young child… my mother always complained of her legs being tired and as ‘killing her’, to look at them they were fine…no varicose veins, just swollen ankles sometimes. The doctors’ recommendation was only to “put your feet up” ..technically he was correct but with four young children, running a household and a farm this was no easy task as my mother was always on the go. It was not in her makeup to know when to stop or even if it was possible to be able to stop… Sound familiar?

Now everyday as a Kinesiologist I treat people who are fedup of feeling tired all the time & who are unsure what they can do to change all that. There are many symptoms of adrenal fatigue such as tiredness, sleep less nights, anxiousness, digestive complaints, restless leg syndrome as mentioned above, achy muscles and joints, weight gain, PMS and many more. Your adrenal glands are like your little batteries within you which sit on top of your kidneys, they provide many functions such as blood sugar balance, mineral balance, hormone production and control, energy production and so on.The restless legs syndrome appears when your adrenal glands just can’t take any more as they have been pushed beyond their limit by you going non-stop day in day out, not getting enough rest or not taking any time out for yourself to rest and refresh. They need RE-CHARGING. Nutritional support may be needed.

To prevent burn out and restless leg syndrome you need to STOP, PUT YOUR FEET UP, even 20 -30 minutes daily can make a difference, do something you enjoy. Ask for help. Stress on the system from overdoing it is the number one cause. When you become tired….irritability, impatience, mood swings, panic attacks, shortness of breath, poor relationships to name a few.. all follow as the joy goes out of life. Treat yourself with a little more kindness and ME-TIME. Practice deep breaths.