Are you in the thyroid trap? Part II

Last week I outlined about the functioning of the thyroid gland and many other related parts of the body. Living with someone who has some or many of the symptoms of thyroid malfunction can be very frustrating especially if they are unaware they have a thyroid problem in the first place. Through my treatments I can test where the imbalance is and if there are others factors draining the adrenals, the master gland etc.

Rebalancing is purely natural and does not involve taking medication for the rest of your life. Sometimes medication is essential, many other times it is only needed to reboot the thyroid short term, and long term medication Is not needed. However many people I have worked with have been on medication for as long as 20, 25, 30 years.

Sometimes when I treat people for thyroid imbalances many times it is due to pressure actually on the master gland resulting from an old head injury or accident and nothing got to do with the thyroid gland itself at all. Often, people do not even remember having a head knock or injury as it may have arisen from childhood.

What can you to help your thyroid?

Proper digestion is crucial in the absorption of amino acid tyrosine, which are components of protein. Protein is hard to digest at the best of times, but as we age our natural digestive juices decline.

When stressed our system struggles with production of HCL & digestive enzymes. Chew your food thoroughly at all times, relax before eating to increase absorption and utilisation of nutrients. Regular exercise stimulates thyroid function, start slowly and work your way up to 30mins at least 3 times per week.

With an underactive Thyroid it is best to avoid smoking, using caffeine and soya products, reduce stress levels, ensure you are free from food intolerances, avoid exposure to fluoride and chlorine (commonly found in water)  as they can block iodine receptors in the thyroid…useful foods are seaweed for their rich sources of iodine,organic sea salt, essential fatty acids, manganese from pecan nuts, almonds. Magnesium can also help. Iodine is a natural mineral found in the soil. Only Trace amounts are required for healthy balance.

Thyroid imbalances are Rampent…Due to mass production, intensive farming iodine and trace minerals levels are depleted form the soil. This accompanied with eating high amounts of processed foods, being overstressed and you become an ideal candidate for thyroid imbalance.

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