Are you feeling nauseous or generally unwell?

A lady came to me recently suffering from a lot of stomach bloating, feelings of nausea, change in bowel habits, flatulence, burping, swelling of tummy, poor appetite and just general feelings of being unwell.

Many others suffer from bad breath, body odour, burping, catarrh, chronic fatigue, pain in shoulders & lower back, frequent bowel changes, dehydration, feeling really down, dark circles under the eyes, cramps, pallor, skin rashes, migraines, headaches, anxious tummy, gurgling tummy noises…. the list goes on…if you generally do not feel well…and have no apparent reason for it, you may be suffering from Ileo –caecal valve syndrome (ICV), for short we will call it the ICV. The ICV is found between the end of your small intestine and the beginning of your large intestine.

In the small intestine, all the goodness is absorbed from the food we eat. What is not utilised by the body is sent to the large intestine as waste. This is then transported out of the system in the form of faeces. The function of the valve is to open to allow the waste through and then close to keep the waste there. When the valve gets stuck open or closed the long list of symptoms above start appearing. When it is open all of the time the waste from the large intestine slush’s around and passes back up into the small intestine where the toxins are reabsorbed and sent around the body. It’s a bit like having an open sewer in your body, intoxicating you constantly! Toxins get stuck at joints and leads onto joint stiffness, aches and pains. When it is closed most of the time, waste cannot pass into the large intestine, leading to chronic build-up & discomfort.

Many causes of weak ICV include…emotional stresses, medication, toxin stress e.g from nasty bacteria, fungus, parasites. Over eating, not chewing your food properly, drinking excess at meal times, frequently eating hot spicy and processed foods, eating foods you are intolerant to, not drinking enough water, eating too quickly, excess raw/cold foods, high caffeine or alcohol intake.

To promote healing…avoid stimulants caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, cold foods, high fibre foods, seeds, nuts for a few weeks. Correction of the valve is essential for feeling great again.

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