Part 1 of ‘Your eating habits could be making you ill?’

Digestion is a part of the body I talk a lot about for two main reasons

1. Your digestive system is absolute core to your health.

2. For the absolute majority of the people who come to see me treating, healing and repairing the digestive system is crucial for treating their ongoing health problem which appear to be something completely unrelated e.g weight problem, fatigue, sleeplessness, depression, irritability, mood-swings, headaches, skin problems etc.

Let me expand some more…by going back to the very beginning!

Moments after you are born you were fed breast milk or bottle/formula milk. From the age of approx. 6 months old you are fed some variation of solid foods e.g stewed/pureed fruit/veg/rice, something nice and soft to educate your brain/tongue/mouth on the texture, feel, taste of more solid food and the mechanics of swallowing, over time this increases to more chunky/solid food and the parent is super careful how much goes into your mouth and of what type of food. Soon after you start feeding yourself, the initial control  of self-feeding is great, with the ever whispering voice form the parent about being careful, don’t put too much in your mouth, just a little etc then once this task or time has passed in a young child’s life for the absolute majority of people their eating habits just go from bad to worse.

When I was growing up, all of the family sat at the table together, there was no other space or option so you didn’t even think about it.

The truth is your eating /dietary habits can be the very thing which is making you ill today and you don’t even know it.

I have people who overeat so much to the point that no matter how much food is on their plate they MUST finish it at all costs despite their stomach being in severe discomfort or cramps.

I have seen children under 10 years of age with stomach ulcers and chronic bad breath and severe abdominal bloating/constipation/fermentation of the gut as the food they eat is simple not chewed but gulped.

I have seen people completely eliminate abdominal bloating and discomfort/pain by either eating fruit on its own and not after their lunch or dinner or combined with their porridge or they stopped drinking huge amounts of water with their main meals.

I have seen people ‘cure’ their indigestion and come off their antacid medication because they simply stopped eating late at night.

Every one is different. For you it could be something completely different. The point however is, have a serious look at HOW you eat and less on WHAT on you eat. What you eat is very important of course but if you do not eat correctly that pails into insignificance. See you next week for part 2.

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