Optimum weight or struggling? Part 5

Welcome to the final part of the optimum weight series, many people will say to me they are really good during the day but then come evening time after their dinner and they need or crave something sweet, they don’t feel satisfied and start picking, or they go all day without regular food and then overeat come evening where they feel so full they can’t move. So they end up sitting on the problem, or going to bed on a full tummy. These patterns will not help you with the battle of the bulge. You have got to change something. Here is what I suggest:

Many people actually do not have enough protein in the daily diet. You will not have energy or a feeling of satisfaction after you eat if you do not have sufficient protein in your diet. Protein comes from eggs, meat, fish, tofu (soya bean extract beansprouts, beans, seeds, nuts, lentils, Hummus as it is made from chickpeas.

If you are not having daily bowel movements your gut wall will be caked with crap, the vital nutrients will not be getting through to where they need to be and you will constantly feel like you need more or crave sugary foodstuffs. When you bowel wall is unclean excess nasty bacteria, fungus etc. live there and they feed off sugar. So when you are reaching for your next bar of chocolate or that well deserved and earned chocolate biscuit, think twice, you may be feeding more than yourself!

Also another reason for cravings, feelings of dis-satisfaction, wanting more is people fail to chew their food properly, if you eat too fast your body has no sense of how much food you have actually eaten. The slower you eat the better as your body constantly registers the levels and you will naturally feel when you are full. This is the point you must stop and not continue to finish every last bit off your plate.  It is okay to leave food on your plate, despite what your parents may have told you.

From these articles I really want you to get a sense of the bigger picture, there can be so many reasons why you are struggling with reaching your optimum weight. Give it your best shot, but do not beat yourself up when things do not go according to plan. Ask for help I am here to guide you and support you and put you onto the right track.

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