Neck and Shoulder Pain

Migraines, headaches, poor concentration, neck pain, upper and lower back pain, weak arm strength, inability to move freely can all be as a result of Shoulder tension, stiffness, back spasms, back stiffness, pain can all be as a result of knotted shoulder muscles. Injury, poor posture, stress, tension, diet can all play a huge role in the ability of muscles to be able to work properly.

Michael, 73 years of age came to me after receiving cortisol injections which had little effect..he was unable to put his arm into the sleeve of his jacket, he was feeling miserable from all of the other things he could no longer do, he loved his golf but with little power in his arm this was fast  becoming a thing of the past. After working on all the related muscles he could not believe the strength of his arm, shoulder and the full movement he now had. Michaels’ problem like so many others was severe tension, built up over years in specific muscles in the upper body.

Posture is so important for the correct maintenance and functioning of muscles. When the muscles become tight and tense the blood flow and lymph flow cannot fully get through the entire length of the muscles. Blood supply is critical for all areas of the body to ensure it is fed with nutrients, oxygen and the waste matter generated by the cells and muscles is cleansed away by lymph.

Your neck and shoulder and upper back muscles may be very tense also due to poor digestive function. The digestive organs are all supported in the body through related muscles. When the digestive system is under strain e.g lacking in digestive enzymes, or has nasty bacteria overload, the related muscles in the front upper chest weaken and thus tighten all surrounding muscles. Every muscle has a pair and a front and a back set of muscles which work in conjunction with them. Simply put if the front chest muscles weaken, it pulls on the upper back/neck muscles and tightens them.

In this case by working on the actual cause of the digestive problem and working on all the related muscles you will feel enormous benefit. Plenty of water, minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium, manganese are essential for good working muscles.  Good posture is critical.

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