Here is a very typical problem I come across daily…I have no energy!

A lady came to me last week, early thirties, had a stressful busy job and complained she had headaches and no energy.  When we went through her diet she had to skip breakfast as she was too tired to get up in time to have something descent, so she ate a sweet rice pudding on her way to keep her going.

Then at her mid-morning break she had a bar or two of chocolate, lunch usually consisted of more carbohydrate/ready-made sandwich and another bar of chocolate. She drank very little water during the day and had a few pints of water in the evening. Due to her job, she finds it awkward having to leave the classroom to go to the loo! Afternoons were mainly made up of more sugar snacks and chocolate. In the evening she had a healthy dinner, consisting of a variety of potatoes, meat, vegetable and a mixture of other home cooked meals…and at weekends she tried to increase her fruit intake.

Does this story sound familiar to you?

After each treatment I give every client some homework to do, this is to help them make small changes in their daily routines which, bring about radical results. After advising this lady on a few starting tips such as, making an effort to sip 1lt of water during the day, while in work. Reduce chocolate intake to just one bar per day, instead of the high sugar processed rice dish in the morning she was to replace it with a nourishing breakfast of wholemeal bread, a protein breakfast or a bowl of porridge, at her morning break she was to have some fruit, natural yoghurt, nuts (No chocolate), lunch time wholesome soup, a protein based wrap/wholemeal sandwich etc (1 small bar of chocolate) in the afternoon, she had more fruit/nuts/seeds, more water and a nourishing evening meal. This was her starting point. Two weeks later after doing her homework she had no headaches and much more energy. She was not slumping in the middle of the day. She was in better mood and felt better in herself. She said she did miss the chocolate but not enough to return to it as now she could feel the difference of eating healthier and more frequently.

This problem occurs too frequently. Your body needs a constant high quality supply of nutrients in order to work efficiently and with ease. If you put crap into your body it will give you crap results e.g. tiredness, headaches, mood-swings, sleep issues, motivation problems, digestive problems, elimination problems and so on.

Feed your body well, look after it well and it will serve you well.

Have a fantastic week…