Headless Chicken Syndrome…?

I always work in my bare or stocking feet. My new clients are always curious and ask me why.  Is there a particular reason why you are in your bare feet?…my answer is no, there is no real reason apart from the fact that it’s really comfortable and grounding at the same time.

Are you all in your head? Are you overanalysing everything so that rational goes out the window? This is what I call headless chicken syndrome….it can also be “I can’t think of anything”, “I forget what I was going to say”… “I feel so overwhelmed with all I have to do I just don’t know where to start”…”I have so much on my mind”…”its driving me crazy”…

It’s okay…you are not alone.  I treat so many people for this, basically when you are all in your head, when you have so much on your mind you simply cannot think straight.  This then leads onto anxiety, panic, frustration, emotional outbursts, annoyance, and anger and so on. Being all in your head is not good for your health, your energy or your body’s physical performance. You need to keep everything in balance…including your thoughts!!!

To help relieve the burden in your mind here are some very important things you need to do to help you to come back down to earth.

1. You need to ground yourself…This really means physically reconnecting with and touching the ground.  Right now in your bare or stocking feet stand up straight and press your feet into the ground beneath you.

2. One of our five powerful senses is sight…what the eyes can see. To help you to feel good and have a greater sense of clear direction for the day, it’s good to look at or wear red as it is a solid rebalancing colour.

3. It is a good habit to press your feet into the ground when you get out of bed first thing in the morning. Think of and focus on the day ahead, and what you actually have to achieve. This can all only take 3-4 minutes and no better way to start off your day.

When you run through it in your mind it settles you and creates greater focus for the day ahead. Basically it’s like planning ahead in a logical way, taking one day at a time.  Set yourself a small goal or target which you would like to achieve for the day.

If you are in need of some real clear focus and motivation I recommend you become a member of my Encourage and Energise programme.  This is what Karletta had to say about the programme…

“Dear Gertrude – just a note to say thank you for your tips.  It was a lovely surprise to get these.  I have a pretty full schedule and your reminders are perfect for keeping me on track.  I can be very “slack” in looking after myself and I really appreciate the gentle tips you give.   My father-in-law – now 75 years old said to me…”Look after your body now, because it will repay you later.”   How true.  Thanks again for all your wonderful advice.”