Feeling Overwhelmed part 2

Continuing on from feeling overwhelmed part 1, where I was explaining that feeling overwhelmed can be form a number of different issues, I asked you to become aware of what may be triggering your overwhelming feelings… Is it lack of support, are you guilty of taking on too much or are you feeling overwhelmed by all you have to do as you don’t feel you can do it, or you don’t feel you have all the necessary resources… take a closer look at what pattern emerges for you. I am a strong believer in taking action as in order for anything to change something has to change or be done differently. This is a typical example, your feelings of overwhelm will not change unless you first become aware of them and then you change something, whether that is working on your own self-development for greater self- confidence, learning new skills or simply asking for help, you have got to do something in order to feel better about the situation…However this is when people can jump from the frying pan into the fire as they get overwhelmed in a completely different way by deciding to change everything at once. So you know by now I always say, make one decision, take one simple small step, then take the next step, that’s what makes the key different to your health, well-being and happiness.

Life for most of us is on fast forward all of the time, the demands from society and the demands we unnecessarily put upon ourselves are so often at the root of overwhelm. I sincerely hope this article will help you recognize that you may be suffering from overwhelm and there is always something you can do about it. Many don’t even know they are overwhelmed until they are completely swamped, drowned or feel like they are having a nervous breakdown.

It is time to reconnect with your inner self, your true values and maybe you need to place much less emphasis on achieving or comparing yourself to others, you are perfect just the way you are. Everything you have achieved is brilliant. Do you acknowledge yourself for that?

One of my clients recently was feeling extremely overwhelmed as she kept feeling she was achieving nothing, so everyday I got her to write down the great things about the day and all she had achieved and done, she then couldn’t believe all she was doing, but because she wasn’t aware of what she was doing as she was worrying about it all of the time, she felt she wasn’t achieving anything, try it for yourself, I promise you it will make a difference.