Feeling Constipated?

Constipation is an everyday fact of life for many. It is something I treat very successfully through the course of my treatments. It can make you feel grumpy, tired, irritable, unmotivated, uncomfortable, feeling full without eating, bloated, suffering from abdominal cramps/pain, headaches, haemorrhoids, and so on. If you are resorting to laxatives your digestive system is in need of a reboot. Ideally your bowels should move daily with ease, without any strain or difficulty. Your digestive system works in a simple four step process, food in, food digested, food absorbed & used by the body, waste eliminated. If any of these stages are not working to their optimum, neither will you! Disease pain and illness can occur. Think of your bowels or intestines as the bin in your kitchen, what happens when you don’t empty it or clean it regularly? It becomes, stale, mouldy, rotten and STINKING!! Just like the waste in you.

Constipation is a symptom that something is wrong or not working, either physically, nutritionally or emotionally. Believe it or not your thought patterns and how you feel can have an awful lot got to do with your bowel habits. This is usually something people are totally unaware of until it comes up during the treatment. Your gut is like a second brain. It is controlled through brain sensors and constipation can be symbolic of some of the following, so ask yourself these questions and see if they sound familiar to you … Are you ‘Stuck’ in your ways or inflexible, are you grieving a loss, do you hoard things or find it difficult to let go of things or thoughts, are you uptight or worried over money constantly? Do you eat the same food day in day out? Are you leading a sedentary lifestyle?

There are many other causes of constipation all of which are assessed and treated accordingly to you specifically. Other causes may include food intolerances, not enough liquids in the diet, thyroid imbalances, medication, trace mineral imbalances, high stress levels, muscle strengthening and digestive system rebalancing, liver congestion, nutritional deficiencies, structural problems, toxicity from an infestation of parasites, nasty bacteria or fungus, all of which can overload and congest the system resulting in a sluggish you. There are so many natural solutions so you do not have to resort to laxatives.

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