Fed Up With The Pain – Part 2

Continuing on form last week where we looked at some of the more common reasons for pain which included dehydration, Excessive sugar and stress, this week we will take a closer look at Inflammation. Im sure many of you have been prescribed anti-inflammatories at various times or maybe they are part of your daily medication.


  1. 4. INFLAMMATION: is a major cause of pain , discomfort and tenderness in the body. There are natural chemicals in the body which reduce inflammation when we are injured or sick. However, when these natural chemicals go out of sync or rise in the body …pain results. It may occur in any part of the body, most usually your weakest part or a part that was as a result of a previous injury or hurt. A lady recently came with severe pain in her knee, after one treatment of reducing the inflammation in the body, the pain had reduced by 95%, she was amazed and delighted.  Much research and study now shows that inflammation is the root of many if not all chronic health problems, auto immune diseases and vascular health problems. Inflammation arises in the body as a result of a high stress lifestyle and also high stress exercise regimes and poor dietary habits. There are many inflammatory markers in the body such as excess fibrin, c-reactive protein, kinase, and many others. These need to be tested and monitored to ensure you do not have a problem with them. The majority of us though right now have a problem with inflammation from plaque build-up to scar tissue in the body. Fibrin is produced naturally as part of our healing mechanism in the body. If you cut yourself, fibrin is produced in excess to heal the tissues concerned. The excess which is not used in the healing process must then be broken down in the body through enzymes. There are two types of enzymes in the body, Digestive and proteolytic/systemic enzymes. We are only born with and produce a finite amount of enzymes in our life. Some people have more than others, in those with less enzymes disease and chronic problems set in earlier in life. Stress plays havoc with everything in the body but from the inflammatory point of view, during stress toxic stress hormones are produced and these are a cause on their own of inflammation, on top of this stress upsets the natural acid/alkaline balance so leaky gut can begin where by the linings of the gut get really irritated and absorption of nutrients becomes impaired. inflammation can cause abdominal bloating, discomfort, excessive gas, soreness, cramps, etc


  1. POOR POSTURE:Can create tension.Keep your chest out, stomach in & your shoulders back. If sitting for long periods stretch and move every 30 minutes. Avoid being crouched for long periods as muscles become cramped and tense. Reduce stress. Drink more water, cut out sweet stuff/sweeteners to help reduce pain..



Today I am grateful my body is creating perfect health and harmony.



Healthy you