Do you want a Flatter Tummy?

Often people come to me looking for a flatter tummy! Many people think that the only way to get a flat tummy is to do thousands of sit-ups every day or starve themselves or pop diet pills. While ab exercises do play a part, most flabby abs are caused by an unhealthy gut, bad posture and a toxic diet.


It’s really important to do cardio exercise if you want a flat stomach. This includes running, cycling, aerobics and swimming, also things like pilates, squats, rebounding on a mini trampoline, and using the cross trainer can all work wonders on helping you get a good waist. As an extra benefit of course all these exercises help tone muscles such as the abdominal wall, tensor fascia lata, quadriceps, hamstrings and many others too, these support good gut and digestive health. When your core strength is good everything in your body will work better, but most importantly your digestion and elimination.

Go To The Loo, when nature calls!

Yes, many people are too busy to go to the loo to eliminate toxic waste when they get the urge. If you do not go to the loo when your body tells you, it will give up, the bowel will get lazy and the bowel wall will stretch causing problems like diverticular disease. This can be very painful and cause a lot of problems like wind, bloating, gas, pain, cramps, constipation and more thus further weakening other digestive muscles. Using a small step to put your feet up onto every time you go the loo for a poo (known as the Welles step technique) can be powerful to reignite gut function, remember the better gut function the flatter your tummy region and more importantly the healthier your body!

Avoid fruit after a meal

Fruit should always be eaten on its own or before a meal especially if the meal contains protein. When eating fruit straight after a meal, the fruit starts to ferment, basically it goes ‘off’ which causes gas, wind and bloating. Your tummy will swell and the bloating can make you tired, making you reach for more sugary snacks and a negative vicious circle continues.

Fruit breaks down very quickly varying from 15 to 30 mins depending on the type of fruit, it takes 3-4 hours for carbs to breakdown and 6hrs plus for protein to break down, so the fast releasing fruit gets trapped behind the slow releasing carbs and proteins. It is very important for  healthy gut and flatter abs that you combine your food wisely, listen to your body it will tell you immediately what works and what does not work for you. Some get away with it, while many others wish they could get away with it and keep on doing it. Change your habits today.

Avoid fizzy drinks, chewing gum and sweeteners!

Apart form the horrific high sugar and sweetener content of these food like substances they will fill you with air!  chewing gum, tricks your digestive system into thinking it is preparing for food therefore you produce digestive enzymes which do not get used as of course there is no food, then when you do eat the body id unprepared and little or no enzymes will be produced. No enzymes = no digestion and proper absorption of the nutrients. This causes all kinds of health problems.

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