Digestive and Immune Rebooting Steps


Your Digestive health is core to every other part of your body especially your immune system. It must be functioning properly in order for you to feel energised, healthy, happy and alive and in order for you to fight disease. 

See here at a glance what’s inside :

  • 40 delicious Energy Boosting Gut Soothing Recipes
  • 30 Healthy Steps to help you to Heal & repair your digestive system.Much focus needs to go on your eating habits and how you eat as opposed to just what you eat. In the majority of cases changing what you eat and cutting out foods/food groups food rarely bring about long lasting change except in those with true allergies intolerances.Many people think they are intolerant but really their system is failing to properly digest what they have eaten so it becomes a burden on the system. You can learn new habits and experience huge changes in your digestive comfort. Eat Right and see your cravings, mood swings, sleep issues, digestive problems etc disappear!
  • X3 Videos to my A, B, C, Formula for long lasting health and happiness. Well worth a watch as you commit to change and improve your health and your life. something has to change in order for something to change.We so often expect a different result by repeating the same patterns.
  • Top motivation quotes/reflections to help keep you in the right frame of mind
  • My healthy life policy ( proven guidelines to follow which make change easier and more sustainable in your life. Establishing Healthy Habits are the key to longterm health and success.)
  • PLUS bonuses x2 one hour long audios worth €47! ( increasing your health and self-care awareness)

Special Price Only: €27.00