Do You Struggle with Cold Sores?

Are you unfortunate to fall victim to repeated cold sores? They can be very sore and inflamed and last for ages, and many can then get infected too. Cold sores are caused by the virus herpes simplex. There are two types of herpes simplex virus. Type 1 causes cold sores, Type 2 is sexually transmitted. Once you pick up the virus it can lie dormant in your body for years and will re-activate and raise its ugly head when you are stressed, missing out on sleep, exposed to sudden changes in temperature either very hot or very cold or run down.

Triggers can also be linked to your menstrual cycle although this is rare. The problem with viruses once they get in they remain inside you and congest your liver. With a congested liver you can go on to suffer an array of symptoms from headaches, difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings, spots/acne like skin conditions,

What helps? Vitamin C and the Amino Acid Lysine are important in the diet to combat stress and fatigue. Sources of Lysine include good quality lean meats like turkey, fish, pork, duck, corn and soya. Lysine is one the important amino acid building blocks of protein which is essential in the body for growth and repair of tissue. Studies show that Lysine in particular helps to prevent the replication of the virus.

During treatment I would test you to see what you need to take as an antidote to kill off the actual virus and prevent it from reoccurring as the antidote differs for everyone. It depends on how long you have it and any other health concerns you have would need to be taking into consideration. Working on the liver may also be essential depending on the degree of intoxication the actual virus is causing in your body.

Frequently change face towels, flannels, your toothbrush etc Calendula tincture dabbed directly on the sores can help ease the inflamed sore but getting to the root and killing of the virus is the only way to treat cold sores long term. It is important to eat an all-round well balanced diet, low in sugar to boost your immunity. Also avoid foods high in the Amino Acid Arginine like nuts, beans, lentils and chocolate as it supports the virus to replicate.