You Cannot Be Well & FEEL Good without these Essential 5 steps

I do not advise the one week wonder hit diets and extreme exercise and two weeks later you are back to your old ways again. Instead I recommend you make your health a DAILY Priority. Every little change you make for the better all adds up. Here are 5 great ones to start with and practice them consistently for a month and bed them in then take on the next step. If you are tired, have low energy, are lacking in motivation, have poor self image, restless sleep, mood-swings, sugar cravings and weight problems??? Here are my 5 top super easy daily essentials to keep you looking after you..THESE ARE WHAT I CALL THE MUST DO’S!!!!!! There are no excuses for not doing these for your long term health and energy..

1 Water: Are you in the daily habit of drinking 1.5 to 2 litres of water, remember herbal teas, fruit juices and smoothies can be included..nothing else!!No excuses allowed on this one, make this a priority.

2 Posture: How are you holding yourself? Where are those shoulders? I treat so many people with neck, shoulder and back problems, the majority have extremely poor posture and sadly they are not even aware of it, daily look in the mirror at your posture, keep your shoulders back and stand tall and proud. Let your organs and muscles breath and function correctly.

3 Positive thinking: you can do it, you have to believe in you especially when no one else does…if you speaking negatively or thinking negatively, stop today, focus on the positives, it takes practice, it takes belief, it takes faith…I believe you can do it. Write out your positive daily affirmations. They are simply a wonderful way to keep you looking after you.

4 Deep breaths..Are you breathing up from your toes? When my clients are with me I always get them to do this, many shallow breath and hardly even know what it’s like to feel a breath from their gut. Upright posture greatly helps this too, practice deep breathing everyday, at set times or just right now take in 5 large breaths..hold for as long as you can and push’s calming, it’s refreshing.. it’s exhilarating!!!

5 Eat Regularly. What more can I say?..this prevents energy slumps, weight gain, blood sugar imbalances, mood swings and so much more. You have heard me say this more often than not, an empty sack cannot stand, you cannot function efficiently, you cannot think clearly, you cannot thrive if you are not feeding your body on a regular basis with quality nutritious food…not JUNK!!..

Be passionate about caring for yourself, I’m passionate about helping you, so let’s all take action together..yah..1, 2, 3, 4, 5, things daily all for YOU.