Why you should know about Co-Enzyme Q10

Are you someone who is suffering from high blood pressure, low energy, lowered immunity, low exercise or work tolerance or stamina, blood sugar imbalances, dizziness, poor circulation, gum disease, heart problems?

You may very well be lacking in Co Q 10. These are common problems for which I treat people and a boost of this supplement is often required to rebalance the body. Co enzyme Q10 is a powerful anti-oxidant and works very well with Vitamin E in boosting the immune system.

Its main role in the body is to increase heart strength and heart endurance and give you more energy. Co Q10 manufactures ATP , From free fatty acids present in the body. ATP, is what the body uses to store energy. Stored energy is critical in the body and this is what gives you the stamina or the ability to carry on with work or exercise or your activities during the day. Without stored energy the body becomes exhausted and cannot function to its optimum, leading onto slowed metabolism, weight gain, food cravings, weakness, high blood pressure and so on.

Co Q 10 is readily found in foods and some of the best sources are sardines, mackeral, pork, spinach, soya, peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts. It is best to take your Co Q10 supplement with good fats as listed above as CoQ10 is fat soluble and therefore it is best absorbed while eating foods high in the essential fats.

Co Q10 is readily destroyed in the body due to high sugar diets, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee and other stimulants. Also if you are taking statin medication e.g. Lipitor, for high cholesterol it is recommended you take an on-going supplement of Co Q10 to combat the negative effects of the statin drugs. Selenium in the diet helps the production of CoQ10 also. Selenium is rich in cod, chicken, courgettes, oysters, tuna, mushrooms, cabbage, molasses.

You may need to take a good quality Co Q10 supplement for 2-3 months before you feel any real benefits as it has to be absorbed and used by the body at a deep cellular level first. Anyone suspicious of having high blood pressure or heart problems should have it checked medically and start a supplement of CoQ10 along with a change of lifestyle, diet, exercise etc as necessary.